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Title Summary

The B.A. is a dual-degree program that prepares students for teaching on the secondary level, grades 5-12. Students in this program earn a degree in English and a degree in English Education. 

Dual degree program preparing students for teaching grades 5 through 12.

The dual degree program in Music Education prepares students for teaching grades K-12. Students earn two bachelor's degrees: a bachelor of arts from the College of Education, and a B.M. from the School of Music.

For those seeking to teach in grades 5–12, this dual-degree program leads to a B.A. and licensure in social studies education

Earn a B.A. from the College of Education and a B.A. from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in this dual degree program which prepares teacher candidates to be effective and engaging world language teachers to students in grades 5-12 or K-12.

Undergraduate math degree plus a Master's in Teaching accomplished in 5 years.

Undergraduate degree preparing those who want to teach outside the classroom. Non-licensure.

For those seeking to teach in grades 5–12, this dual-degree program leads to a B.A. and licensure in art education.

Built with flexibility in mind, the multidisciplinary Education Studies and Human Relations (ESHR) major embraces the notion that learning and helping professions are not limited to traditional classrooms

The Elementary Education program will prepare you to be an outstanding K-6 teacher who will truly realize the capabilities of every learner in your future classroom.

Earn a graduate degree to teach special education (Instructional Strategist I: K-8) in approximately one year for current elementary education majors

Dual-degree program with licensure

Undergraduate + Graduate degree in 5 years

Course sequence verified by the Association of Behavior Analysis International, gain expertise in intensive intervention and become eligible for board certification in ABA.

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching provides the necessary coursework and supervised experiences to prepare graduate students for careers in post-secondary education.

The Certificate in Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) prepares professionals to use data for institutional and organizational decision-making, reporting, and accountability in higher education and K-12 contexts.

The Certificate in K-12 Equity and Inclusion offers professionals currently working in K-12 schools, districts, and area education agencies expertise in equity and inclusion to better support the needs and interests of a diversifying K-12 student population.

Online certificate to gain skills in designing and facilitating online instruction for anyone who has completed a four-year degree.

An accredited Iowa school administrator endorsement program for aspiring K-12 superintendents

A practice-based terminal doctorate preparing scholar-educators for district level K-12 school leadership.

The 36 semester hour program is designed for educators who hold a master’s degree but want to better understand the intersection between curriculum, assessment, and education policy.

One of the most popular minors at the University of Iowa, the Human Relations Minor is designed to help students broaden their career choices in the helping professions.

Master of Arts in Art Education provides K-12 current teachers/creative artists with deeper knowledge to expand their focus area and become highly literate in the history and language of art.

The M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling prepares graduates to work with clients across a spectrum of mental and emotional disorders, as well as to promote mental health and wellness.

An accredited Iowa school administrator licensure program for aspiring K-12 principals.

Training and hands-on experience with core measurement and statistical methods.

The M.A. program in English education is designed for practicing teachers to advance their knowledge of theory, research and how it ties into their practice.

A theory-to-practice master’s preparing scholar-educators for careers in student affairs and higher ed administration.

A master’s preparing professionals to design, implement, or evaluate learning materials and environments

Master’s in Math Education with advanced specialization in mathematics and education as a better foundation for current  K-12 teachers.

The Master of Arts in School Counseling program trains future school counselors to identify and meet the unique academic, social-emotional, and career needs of K-12 students

The MA program is a semester hour program that provides students with a broad overview of the field and focuses on growth as scholars and practitioners.

For those seeking advanced study in social studies curriculum, instruction, and/or research, this program leads to an M.A. degree with no teacher licensure.

Graduate degree with endorsements in Instructional Strategist I (K-8 or 5-12) and Instructional Strategist II (K-12, LD/BD) for current educators and those new to the field.

For those holding a bachelor’s degree in Art, this program leads to a Masters of Teaching (M.A.T.) degree and licensure in Art Education.

The M.A.T. is a graduate degree that provides both a Masters in teaching English and a certification to teach secondary English. It is designed for students who already have an English major or a major in a related subject but little to no coursework in education. 

Master's in Teaching for those who have already completed a B.S./B.A. in an area of math.

For those holding a bachelor’s degree, this program leads to a Masters of Teaching (M.A.T.) degree and licensure in social studies education.

This graduate program prepares teacher candidates to be effective and engaging world language teachers to students in grades 5-12 or K-12, while also offering a depth of study in graduate coursework focused on connecting research to practice.

Master’s for advanced understandings of classrooms, college teaching, museum program management, outreach programs, and potential preparation for Ph.D.

Online Master's for working professionals. 

The M.A. In Developmental Reading builds knowledge and experience in reading and literacy for students interested in K-12 teaching, research, or higher education.

This graduate program provides you with in-depth preparation in theoretical and practical aspects of language learning and teaching.

The Master of Arts in Music (Music Education emphasis is offered through the School of Music. Entering Master's students typically hold an undergraduate degree in music, but they can pursue an M.A. plus certification.

Our Rehabilitation Counseling M.A. program will prepare you to be a professional counselor and provide assistance with psychological wellness

MATLCC program is designed to build the requisite skillset necessary for educators who want to lead curriculum and instructional development strategies in education and become effective teacher leaders.

Master's in Teaching for those who have already completed a BS/BA in an area of science

An undergraduate minor to enhance understanding of learning, development, assessment, and learning environments.

A terminal doctorate preparing scholar-educators for leadership, faculty positions, and policy analysis.

Preparation for scientific and practitioner positions with the cutting-edge analytic methods used in research and industry.

A terminal doctorate preparing scholar-educators for leadership, faculty positions, and policy analysis.

Doctoral degree in mathematics education; thesis required.

The Ph.D. program prepares candidates for positions as music education professors at colleges or universities, K-12 teachers, and music administrator positions.

A terminal doctorate preparing scholars for careers in academia, industry, museums, and beyond.

The PhD program is a 90 semester hour program that places a strong emphasis on research and prepares students for positions in academic institutions and educational policy-making organizations.

Doctoral degree in area of specialization; must complete a thesis.

Terminal graduate degree with a focus on innovative research for those interested in faculty, research, and/or leadership positions.

Counseling Psychology is a Ph.D. program preparing scholar-practitioners.

The Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision provides graduates with the knowledge and skills related to general counseling supervising counselors, and conducting research

Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) is a PhD program preparing therapists for higher education and research positions.

A terminal doctorate preparing scholars for careers in academia, industry, museums, and beyond.

The Literacy, Culture, and Language Education program brings together scholarly traditions and contemporary theory in Multilingual Education and Applied Linguistics, Literacy and Cultural Studies, and Social Studies Education

Prepares individuals for endorsement (State of Iowa Endorsement 171) as a school superintendent.

The State of Iowa requires a pre-K through 12 Talented and Gifted (TAG) Endorsement for anyone designated as a teacher and/or coordinator of programs for the gifted. The TAG Endorsement allows teachers to work with gifted students of any age, even if their certification is for a specific age group.