The application process varies depending on your desired academic path. Please use the options below to apply. 

I want to be a teacher.

  1. Apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

    If you're pursuing licensure in an area other than elementary education, you'll begin your time at Iowa as a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) student. To be admitted, you'll need to meet the CLAS admissions requirements* and follow the standard first-year admissions process

  2. Complete 30 s.h. of credit at Iowa

    Be sure to check and complete the required courses for admission to your desired Teacher Education Program area.

  3. Complete 10 hours of pre-admission field experience

    Field experience will be required for students applying for the Fall 2022 term.

  4. Apply to the Teacher Education Program

    To submit your application, go to and click the "Admissions" tab below the login fields to create your account. Prepare the following documents to submit with your application:

    • Completed verification of 10-hour field experience form
    • Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
    • Two recommendations (using Recommendation Form)
    • An essay of no more than 500 words on the following topic: Why, personally and professionally, do you want to be a teacher in the area to which you're applying?
    • An updated resume of paid and/or volunteer work experience

*Additional admissions requirements will apply for students from outside the U.S. or whose native language is not English. 


Elementary Education

Elementary education students applying to the university for Fall 2022 can now be directly admitted to the College of Education before completing 30 s.h.

Current University of Iowa students wishing to apply to elementary education should follow the steps to the left.

I want to pursue a bachelor's degree but not teaching licensure.

Professor speaking with students classroom

Minor in Educational Psychology

Please contact your advisor to add.


Minor in Human relations

Please contact your advisor to add.

I want to earn a graduate degree.

Each graduate program has distinct admissions requirements.

Find your area of study and contact your program of interest to find specific application information. In most cases, you will submit your application directly to the Graduate College. 

If you're applying to a graduate program with teacher licensure (MAT), you will also need to complete the 10-hour field experience and course requirements listed above. 

Graduate College Application

View general graduate admissions requirements and start the application process.

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