Undergraduates can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in a science/engineering program and combine it with our MAT program.  This pathway is our U2G pathway, allowing you to obtain a bachelor’s and master’s in a total of five years by awarding dual credit during your fourth year of study.

The College of Education, in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, offers students the opportunity to earn their BA in any major plus an MAT in Education. Those planning to obtain the MAT in Science Education who are not working towards a major in biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, geoscience, or physics will be advised on what courses need to be taken to obtain the MAT in Science Education. Students can earn the MAT in Science Education in as little as five years (it usually takes six years to achieve both and depends on course fulfillment). Through careful planning, many of the courses required by the MAT program can be taken during the undergraduate years, creating an opportunity to focus the fifth year of study on the comprehensive and student teaching requirements.

The 4+1 program is currently available in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Environmental Science. As the program progresses, other department areas will be added. 

Your academic advisor will help guide you through the requirements for degree completion. For a complete list of requirements and courses, please visit the General Catalog.

Program Requirements

Teacher Education

Our Teacher Education Program provides diverse experiences with supportive mentors to effectively prepare you for your future classroom.

To learn more about classroom experiences and the Teacher Education program, please:


Admissions and Application

A student is eligible to apply to the program during their sophomore or junior year if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (or meet special considerations). Admission requirements include:

  • University of Iowa undergraduate student enrolled in the Science Education Teacher Education Program and pursuing a BA in Science Education
  • An unofficial transcript of student's prior work.

During the 6th semester, a student in the program who has completed 80 s.h. of undergraduate work and maintained a 3.0 minimum GPA must apply to the Graduate College.  The application to the Graduate College must include:

  • TOEFL scores for international students.

Students will be granted cross-credit during the 7th semester and begin paying graduate tuition during the 8th semester until completion of the program. The baccalaureate degree must be conferred at the end of the 8th semester (year 4).

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