Our research drives innovations in education, counseling, assessment, and leadership. We are effectively preparing the next generation of exceptional teachers, bettering rural mental health support through innovative tele-medicine, facilitating anti-racism research focused on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the classroom, at the college level, and nationally.

Research Centers

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Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development

The Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development (B-BC) is a comprehensive center focused on nurturing potential and inspiring excellence through myriad programs and services.

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Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment

The Center for Advanced Studies in Measurement and Assessment (CASMA) pursues research-based initiatives that lead to advancements in the methodology and practice of educational measurement and assessment.

Center for Evaluation and Assessment

The Center for Evaluation and Assessment (CEA) conducts multiple forms of program evaluation and assessment in collaboration with colleges, universities, and school systems throughout the United States.

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Center for Research on Undergraduate Education

The Center for Research on Undergraduate Education (CRUE) implements and disseminates research and scholarship that fosters an understanding of effective undergraduate education.

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Scanlan Center for School Mental Health

The Scanlan Center for School Mental Health expands support for mental health to Pre-K-12 educators and schools across the state.  This includes training, resources, and outreach to support student mental health so all students, educators, and schools can be successful and resilient.

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Iowa Reading Research Center

The Iowa Reading Research Center works to improve the literacy proficiency of PK-12 students and conducts research in practical settings in order to evaluate the effectiveness of literacy practices and the usefulness of assessments for guiding literacy instruction.

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Iowa Testing Programs

The world-renowned Iowa Testing Programs (ITP) serves assessment needs in Iowa and across the country by developing high-quality instruments and working with schools to promote valid use of results.

Research Initiatives


Community Council

Community Council (formerly known as ARC) intends to inspire and normalize conversations that deconstruct the ways our community reflects and acts on its mission as we productively face controversy across difference.

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Iowa Supports Education and Resources for Veterans and Enlisted (I-SERVE) recruits and supports veterans as students seeking degrees and certifications in disciplines including teaching, psychology, rehabilitation, leadership, counseling, and assessment. 

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Multicultural Initiatives Research Team

The Multicultural Initiatives Research Team (MCI) researches ways of being in relationship, constructs and strategies that disrupt dehumanizing practices that perpetuate inequity.


Rural Psychology Collaborative

The Rural Psychology Collaborative seeks to increase access to psychological services for rural Iowans through partnerships with rural communities throughout the state of Iowa. 

Cassie L. Barnhardt, project director, with Armand Krasniqi, rector of the University of Peje “Haxhi Zeka.”

Private Sector Partnerships to Strengthen Higher Education

The USAID Private Sector Partnerships to Strengthen Higher Education Activity aims to strengthen partnerships between the private sector and academic institutions, and support development of market-oriented and experiential learning approaches in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Agriculture sectors in Kosovo.

Funded Grants

Our faculty are currently engaged in over 65 federal, state, and private funded projects. Since 2005, COE faculty have been awarded more than $25 million for research, professional development, specialized student and leadership training, center development, and assessment/evaluation projects.

For a complete listing of externally funded grants: 


Advocacy, Capacity, and Collaboration for English Language Learners (ACCEL)

Advocacy, Capacity, and Collaboration for English Learners (ACCEL) in Iowa aims to increase effectiveness of English language instruction while building teacher capacity, advocacy, and leadership through professional development opportunities.

STEM Excellence and Leadership Program

The STEM Excellence and Leadership program prepares rural, high potential middle school (grades 6–8) students for advanced STEM educational pathways.