Time to Completion for all students entering the program

Time to completion for all students entering the program


In order to receive credit for already completed graduate coursework, a student must provide syllabi for all of the coursework and complete the Plan of Study Substitution Form. Then all faculty will review the files and make a decision regarding waiver of credits.


Program Costs

program costs

For tuition rate tables per semester, see Office of the Registrar (https://registrar.uiowa.edu/tuition-fees)

Financial Support: In the past, most graduate students in counseling psychology desiring financial support have received it for a major portion of their graduate program. Sources of funding include teaching and research assistantships, graduate assistantships with a variety of service agencies, and professional employment in other areas of the University or community. In addition, students are nominated for various University Fellowships. During the past two years, 100 percent of our entering class have received financial support. All employment is undertaken after consultation with, and approval from, the major adviser.

Internship Placement - Table 1

Intership placement table one

Internship Placement - Table 2

internship placement table two


Attrition table


Licensure Outcomes