The Dr. Richard L. Ferguson Iowa Technology Enhanced Classroom (N105 LC) is a learning space designed to support technologically-fortified, collaborative, problem-solving, learning strategies. College of Education teams have harnessed the expertise of our faculty, campus engineers and technicians, nationally recognized architects and designers, local schools, and peer institutions. The goal is a unique classroom that transforms the way teachers teach and students learn. ​

Richard Ferguson in the ITEC classroom

ITEC classroom named in recognition of Richard “Dick” Ferguson

As former CEO and chairman of ACT, Ferguson has proven to be an unwavering partner in helping the UI fulfill its educational mission. Under his direction, ACT became an internationally recognized authority on educational testing and measurement. Building on the company’s long-standing relationship with the university, Ferguson helped establish the ACT Scholars Program, which donated $5 million to support underrepresented UI graduate students in diverse disciplines. Dr. Ferguson was a longtime adjunct professor in the UI College of Education.

Advanced, interactive classroom features

  • Use markers and magnets on glass walls
  • Advanced, programmable LED lighting
  • Multiple, teacher-controlled, HD displays

Technology supporting group collaboration

  • color-coded group pods
  • ample electrical, data, video outlets
  • central microphones, tabletop headphone jacks
  • wheelchair accessible tables

Distance education enabled

  • remote-controlled, embedded cameras
  • advanced echo-canceling technology
  • automated audio/video level adjustments

For your meeting or event
Faculty and staff can reserve this room via Outlook, Office365 or by contacting Scott Popham (, 319-335-5037). 

For your semester-long course
Please contact Scott Popham (, 319-335-5037) for availability.

Background Training
John Achrazoglou, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, College of Education

Classroom Technical Support
Reception Desk - N110 LC