Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Hello, all!

As the new semester is underway, I relish not only re-connecting with our current students, but with all of you, our alumni and community partners, who make a profound and positive difference in students’ lives.

I am fortunate to have spent more than 25 years in the education field, the last several in our college.  Through your work in education, I know there are many opportunities to experience the joy of helping students grow, learn, and succeed.

However, I also know you face many challenges, difficulties, and frustrations.  To some, the last couple of years have highlighted these challenges, but to me, what the last couple of years have highlighted is just how resilient, creative, persistent, and critically important you are as educators. 

I know at times it can feel like some people don’t realize this, but I want you to know how proud my colleagues and I are of the work you do, how amazed we are by your ability to meet the challenges of your positions with continued grace and support for all your students, and how confident we are that you will continue to do your best for the young people you impact every day.  Don’t ever forget what you do is the most important work there is, and don’t ever forget how thankful we all are that you are doing it.

Mark McDermott, PhD
Associate Dean of Teacher Education and Student Services
University of Iowa College of Education


Thank you to the teachers, food-service workers, administrators, counselors, and all who help keep us learning, fed, and connected.

The pandemic found ways of putting pressure on our students, teachers, and school communities like never before. We are grateful for and proud of the dedication, adaptability, and perseverance of our alumni. Here are a few of their stories.


Vicki Cupp teaches students

Vicki Cupp
Vicki Cupp has found silver linings in a schoolyear filled with unknowns.


Matt Degner

Matt Degner

Matt Degner remembers cancelling Iowa City Community School District international trips in February of 2020 because of a virus called COVID-19. He never imagined that one month later, he would be sending his students, teachers, and administrators home for the next year and a half.


Adam Perkins with students

Adam Perkins

When COVID-19 first hit, teachers went above and beyond to meet the needs of their students. Adam Perkins, who received a M.A.T. in Science Education and who teaches science at Summit Middle Charter School in Boulder, Colorado, is one of these teachers.


Sydney Roper teaches students over zoom

Sydney Roper

Sydney Roper was heartbroken after she didn’t get to say goodbye to her first class when the school year ended early due to COVID-19.


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