Fingerprinting for Iowa and national criminal history checks is required for initial licensure application to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE), unless the applicant previously has been fingerprinted for a BoEE coaching, substitute, or other authorization. Fingerprinting for other states or jurisdictions, or for employment and pre-student teaching field work, will not substitute for this requirement. Payment for the background check will be made online and is part of the application fees.

Who needs to be fingerprinted?

Anyone applying for an initial teaching or professional services license will need to be fingerprinted. Pre-student teaching and other employment background checks will not be accepted. If you have a Substitute or Coaching Authorization, you will not need to fingerprinted again.

First, apply for the license

Complete the online application to Board of Educational Examiners. Find directions from one of the following web pages:

Fingerprinting processes will be explained during the application process.

Arrange to be fingerprinted

As of June 5, 2023, the BoEE will be using Fieldprint to complete federal background checks. Fieldprint has locations across Iowa, including Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines. While Fieldprint has locations nationwide, only Iowa locations can accommodate background checks for the BoEE. Results are typically returned within two weeks, much faster than using paper fingerprint cards.

Read more about this service on the BoEE website and view specific instructions for the process.

Fees: Fieldprint will charge $34.35 when you schedule your appointment online. The BOEE will charge $35 during the application process.

Other options: You may still be fingerprinted using paper fingerprint cards obtained from the BoEE by calling 515-281-3245. Those cards can be used to be fingerprinted at the University of Iowa Office of Campus Safety or a local police station. A fee of $75 will be charged by the BoEE and results take 4-6 weeks. Fees charged by the fingerprinting organization (University of Iowa Office of Campus Safety, a local police station, etc.) may have additional fees.

Area Fieldprint locations


  • Know your applicant folder number when making your Fieldprint appointment. It is visible after logging to your BoEE account on the My Applications page in the Applicant Folder Number column, or in the second section on the first page of your application.
  • Use a non-University of Iowa email to create both your license application and Fieldprint appointment for access after you graduate.
  • By using Fieldprint, your results will be returned several weeks sooner than using paper cards. It also less expensive.
  • We will no longer be hosting Fingerprint Day.