Guidelines for Old Gold Summer Fellowships are available on the Provost's Faculty Development Awards Programs web site.


The Old Gold Summer Fellowship (OGSF) is a faculty development program funded by the Office of the Provost that provides funding to new probationary tenure-track assistant and associate professors with nine-month appointments for summer work on an approved developmental project within their first three years of appointment at the University.

The OGSF is a fixed $6000 award offered by the College of Education in the form of a summer salary stipend (less payroll taxes).


  • New probationary tenure-track assistant and associate professors with nine-month appointments are eligible to receive an OGSF during one of the first three years of their tenure-track appointment at the University; colleges determine in which year the OGSF is awarded.
  • Recipients of summer fellowships must commit themselves in a proposal to their dean to the equivalent of a minimum of one summer month of full-time work on their projects. 
  • Faculty members may not receive more than 2/9ths salary during the summer in which they receive and OGSF. 
  • Any faculty member who accepts an OGSF is expected to return to his/her regular duties at the University the following fall semester.


Item Due Due to DEO Due to Dean Due to Provost
Applications December 15, 2023 January 19, 2024  
Reports  October 11, 2024 October 25, 2024 n/a


Eligible faculty may submit applications to their DEOs.  DEOs are required to review and evaluate the proposal, write a letter of endorsement, and submit it to the Dean's Office by the deadlines listed below.

  • COE Old Gold Summer Fellowship Application Cover Sheet and Abstract Form
  • Narrative proposal (not more than 5 pages single spaced). This should describe your project in language that can be understood by non-specialists in and outside the College of Education. Proposals should include:
    • A clear and concise statement of the purpose of your project.
    • The work to be accomplished during your project and your plan for completing this work.
    • The tangible results that you anticipate from the project.
    • How the project will contribute to your professional development and benefit your department, the College, or the University.
    • The way in which the project requires a time commitment beyond that involved in normal teaching, research, scholarship and service activities.
  • Abbreviated CV

Award Notification

Award letters will be sent to College of Education applicants from the Office of the Dean.


  • COE Old Gold Summer Fellowship Report Cover Form
  • A one-two page report describing the activities and outcomes of the Old Gold Summer Fellowship is due to DEOs by October 15. DEOs should review and route the report to the Dean’s Office by October 30.
  • Faculty should retain a copy of the report for inclusion in future faculty development award applications.