“The College of Education is in a position to become the first in the nation to offer a cohort group the chance to redefine and elevate the graduate student experience.”

The Iowa Education Fellows Program is a comprehensive professional development initiative providing College of Education graduate students with specialized programming and educational opportunities to prepare doctoral students for the rigors of the academy. Participants in the Iowa Education Fellows will develop the confidence and competence in pursuance of an academic career fulfilling the ideals of teaching, research and service.

What opportunities are available for i-fellows?

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Social networking and community building opportunities
  • Professional development sessions that focus on grant writing, professional publications, and public speaking

What types of seminars are available to students?

Programs and events change each semester.

Online application and documents

  • Online application
  • i-fellows CV template
    This CV template is specifically for doctoral students enrolled in the i-fellows program. Feel free to download this template and use all or parts of the template as you design your own CV (ifellow_cv_template.doc). To see other samples visit the Teacher Leader Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the i-fellows program?
All first year College of Education Ph.D. students.

What Courses do I need to complete?
No courses are required to be an i-fellow. Community-building activities and professional development activities are offered during the four-year i-fellows program.

How do I register for i-fellows?
Registering for i-fellows is easy! Complete the i-fellows online application form.

Do I have to enroll in the Graduate Teaching Certificate Program if I am in the i-fellows program?
No, the Graduate Teaching Certificate Program is a separate program offered by the Office of Graduate Teaching Excellence. We do strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to earn the Certificate as a part of your graduate experience.

What makes i-fellows unique?
i-fellows is an innovative program that provide camaraderie, community, commitment, and career success. After analysis of the 2009-2010 data of first year Ph.D. students in the College of Education we found that i-fellows have a stronger sense of cohesion and had greater opportunity to participate in community service activities. i-fellows prepares Ph.D. students for the rigors of working as future professors.

How much participation is necessary to be an i-fellow?
Attendance of i-fellows events are completely voluntary, but program benchmarks are reviewed with members on an annual basis. There is a great deal of autonomy and choice with events that members attend. It is expected that member's knowledge about the academy and their teaching abilities will improve with active participation.