This page contains information for licensed teachers who have completed requirements for an added endorsement with The University of Iowa, either under state of Iowa minimum standards, or based on a state-approved program of The University of Iowa. Applicants for the Initial License do not need this application; all endorsements earned with the Initial License are included in the application for the Initial License.

Application Steps

STEP 1: Complete online application to Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE)

STEP 2: Submit forms to Office of Student Services

  • Program Checklist
    • Use this Program Checklist to tell Office of Student Services staff which endorsements you think you are getting
    • When in doubt, include endorsements you aren't sure about
  • Program Guide
    • Use this form to tell Office of Student Services staff the courses you took to fulfill program requirements, and the semester when you took them.
    • If you took a course other than the course listed, signature of the program's faculty adviser may be required, verifying the course substitution.
    • Omit this form if you are applying to add the endorsement based on a transcript evaluation under state-of-Iowa minimum standards.
  • Experience Verification (if teaching experience is required for endorsement area, for example, endorsement number 176 Reading Specialist K-12 requires at least three years of experience which included the teaching of reading).

STEP 3: Return completed application materials from STEP 2.

Due to remote working arrangements, hand-delivered and mailed documents may be delayed. Please email documents as PDF files and direct questions to:

Email documents to:
DIrect questions to: Betsy Justis (319-467-4285) or David Tingwald (319-335-5360)

If you prefer to mail the documents:
Office of Student Services/Licensure
The University of Iowa
N201 Lindquist Center
Iowa City, IA  52242-1529
fax: 319-335-5364

Strongly Recommended to Apply

You are strongly encouraged to apply to add an endorsement on completion of requirements, even if you don't intend to use the endorsement immediately. As endorsement requirements change, you will eventually become ineligible for the endorsement.

Notes on completing forms

Online Application for Licensure

  • Please select the type of application you would like to begin: Select "Add Endorsement"
  • Select Application: Use the drop-down menu to select "Add Teaching Endorsement (use only if an Iowa institution will be recommending you)"

Last updated 11/01/21