The Teacher Leader Certificate is a series of competencies and experiences offered through intensive and innovative workshops and 10 hours of volunteer work in an education setting.

While workshops blend theory and practice on various competency areas, community partnerships encourage strong classroom leadership skills, helping you better understand the context in which our schools operate. The program was developed in response to needs identified by policy leaders,faculty, school administrators, alumni, and community partners as teacher skills necessary for student success in the classroom. The Certificate builds upon existing strengths, brings existing resources and experiences together to enable students to better innovate, improve, develop and discover their identity as emerging teacher leaders.


  1. Participate in at least 6 workshops of your interest
  2. Complete the Level 1 Google Educator Certificate
  3. Complete the 10 hour volunteer experience

Read about the TLC Certificate Requirements and Tracks in ICON and make sure to visit the information page for your desired TLC Certificate track.

Workshops and volunteer hours must be completed prior to student teaching. The volunteer experience required for the certificate does NOT include the volunteer hours necessary prior to admission in the teacher education program


Register for a Certificate Track.

You will register and track your progress through ICON. (You are only required to select one track) 

You will receive an email in your UI inbox inviting you to join the site. Please email us at if you don't receive this email or are not authorized to access this site after the second week of classes!

Save the Volunteer Contract Form you receive after registering for a track. You will need to fill it out with your volunteer supervisor, and upload a signed copy in ICON*.

Register for Workshops

Visit the BTLC Events page for options. Make sure to register for the workshops online, add them to your calendar and sign the attendance list on the day of the event! This page is constantly being updated.

See available Workshops

Log Workshop Attendance

It is required that you track and document your professional development and volunteer hours within the TLCICON tracker. This helps prepare you to be successful as a practicing teacher when you will be required to track and document your professional development for the Board of Educational Examiners.


Log Attendance in ICON

Complete Volunteer Hours

Students complete at least 10 hours of volunteer work in an education setting.

Volunteer work completed for admissions into the teacher education program does not count towards the 10 hours required for the certificate. This service must be a non-paid experience and must be completed prior to student teaching.

You can browse opportunities and find contact information here:

Log Volunteer Experiences

It is required that you track and document your  volunteer hours within the TLC ICON tracker. You will also need to keep a weekly journal.

Download the Volunteer Contract Form, begin working on your Weekly Journal, and learn how to generate the final Certificate of Completion for your volunteer experiences here:

Complete Level 1 Google Educator Certification

All students are required to work through the Level 1 Google Educator training, and complete the Level 1 exam in Teaching and Learning Technologies (EDTL:3002). 

Upload Digital Certificate

A link to your digital certificate and badge will be emailed to the address you used to register for the exam. If you did not receive a copy, please check your spam folder or visit the certification hosting platform (Links to an external site.) to retrieve copies of your certifications.

Upload the certificate in ICON:

Questions? Contact us.

We're here to help.

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