We Are Here to Help 

We advise all students admitted to the Teacher Education Program. This includes all Elementary Education majors, Secondary Education students, and students pursuing initial licensure through Masters of Arts in teaching programs not advised by faculty members. We also welcome prospective students interested in our programs to visit us for further guidance towards the application process.

Meet the Advisors

Misty Brents – Elementary Education Program
N328 LC, 319-335-5612, misty-brents@uiowa.edu

Carter Burks - Sr. Academic Advisor

N310 LC, 319-457-3260, carter-burks@uiowa.edu

Kathy Mossman – Coordinator of Academic Advising and Licensure, Primary advisor for Secondary Social Studies Education and Science Education major (non-TEP)
N326 LC, 319-335-5358, katherine-mossman@uiowa.edu

Sarah Showalter – Elementary Education & Secondary Education (English, Foreign Language, and Math)
N331 LC, 319-335-5119, sarah-showalter@uiowa.edu

General advising resources, policies, and forms

Community College Transfer Guides

The University of Iowa College of Education and University of Iowa has created the following community college transfer guides.