The mission of the University of Iowa Cooperating Schools Program is to provide researchers information on Iowa public school districts and provide recommended procedures/documents to aid in obtaining a statement of cooperation from Iowa K-12 public schools.

General Information

The University of Iowa Cooperating Schools Program (CSP) is a university-wide service to facilitate the placement of research projects conducted by faculty, staff, and students in public schools throughout Iowa. The purpose of the CSP is to provide information needed to obtain permission to conduct research in Iowa schools and school districts. All University of Iowa personnel (faculty, staff, and students) who wish to conduct research or projects involving students, their families, and/or staff of K-12 schools in Iowa are required to first obtain permission through the appropriate K-12 administrator(s). This requirement was established at the request of school administrators charged with the responsibility of approving research projects in their schools.

Assistance in Identifying Potential Schools

The CSP web site provides contact information for all public school districts in Iowa and their willingness to participate in research projects with personnel at the University of Iowa. Contact information and research participation information is updated annually.

Contact information can be located in the Iowa Educational Directory.

The Cooperating Schools Program is available to assist you as you prepare to conduct your research.