The Office of Student Services serves as the College of Education central records office and in that role provides support that spans the life of a student while in our programs and after graduation.

The office assists faculty, staff, students and the general public in a wide range of areas. These include admissions, field experiences, teacher licensure, graduate examinations, and post-graduation reporting. In connection with these services the office serves as liaison with entities within the University, school districts, and licensure staff both in state and out-of-state.

College of Education Admissions

The Office of Student Services coordinates the procedures for admission to programs in the College of Education at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Either the College of Liberal Arts or the Graduate College governs all programs. The application process, therefore, involves application to the College of Liberal Arts or Graduate College in addition to the College of Education. The Office of Admissions can provide information on admissions procedures.

Field Experience

A student field experience is an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom with supervised practice in the field (a Pre/K-12 classroom setting). Questions regarding practicums, student teaching, or other volunteer opportunities are supported by the Office of Student Field Experiences (N310 LC, 335-5361).


On completion of teacher education and other PK-12 licensure programs, students apply for Iowa licensure through the Office of Student Services. The Office of Student Services "recommends" -- communicates the programs a student completed -- to the state of Iowa and other states. The Office of Student Services works with the Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) and the Iowa Department of Education for approval of these education programs, and advises in-service teachers.

Exams & Defense

Completing entrance and exit exams can be very confusing and stress inducing. We provide access to forms and instructions on completing and submitting forms necessary to the successful completion of your degree. In many cases, particularly with Graduate College forms we review, approve and submit them on behalf of students. These include PRAXIS, GRE, Comprehensive Exam and Final Exam (thesis defense) forms.

Commencement & TEP Recognition

The College of Education Commencement and Teacher Education Program Recognition is held at the end of the fall and spring semesters to recognize all of the graduating Teacher Education Program students.


Office of Student Services
310 North Lindquist Center