Friday, September 23, 2022

Welcome to our new faculty who bring decades of expertise, cutting-edge research, and innovative teaching to our community.

(Caption: Back row L to R: Julie Koch, Josh Coleman, Alissa Doobay, Randall Boen, Katy Schroeder, Jamie Tanas, Mark Hopkins, Stephen Murley. Front row L to R: Samuel Tanner, Erin Lane, EunJung Kim, Belén Hernando-Lloréns, Kay Ramey, Hyesun You, Jeffrey Grim, Derek Rodgers)

Randall Boen
Assistant Professor
Rehabilitation Counseling
Boen has worked at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Union County Counseling in Anna, Illinois. His areas of expertise include stigma toward individuals with disabilities, assistive technology, and vocational evaluation.

Meredith Caskey
Visiting Instructor, Elementary Physical Education, Health, and Wellness 
Elementary Education
Caskey spent more than two decades teaching environmental education for the University of Iowa. She then transitioned to lecturing on the topic of wellness, health, and physical activity two years ago. Her areas of expertise include wellness policies in schools, mindfulness and meditation, and emotional wellness for teachers.

James Joshua “Josh” Coleman
Assistant Professor 
English Education
Coleman has worked in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District and Parisian (French) school systems. His areas of expertise include queer and trans studies in education, youth literature, and critical approaches teacher education focused on secondary contexts.

Alissa Doobay
Clinical Associate Professor
Counseling Psychology and Scanlan Center for School Mental Health
Doobay is a University of Iowa alumna (BS ‘04, PhD  ‘10) and has worked as a psychologist and supervisor of psychological services at the UI Belin-Blank Center’s Assessment and Counseling Clinic. Her areas of expertise include twice-exceptionality, autism, and children’s mental health.

Jeffrey Grim
Visiting Assistant Professor
Higher Education and Student Affairs
Before earning his doctorate in Higher Education at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Grim worked at Southern Methodist University and Washington University in St. Louis in student affairs. His research focuses on organizational equity issues in higher education – specifically on student access/success and academic careers/leadership.

Belén Hernando-Lloréns
Assistant Professor
Multilingual Education
Hernando-Lloréns’ scholarship critically studies the production of linguistic and racial diversity as an educational “problem” that elicits different social and pedagogical “solutions” in different historical moments. Her dissertation study has been awarded the AERA Outstanding Dissertation Award. As a certified K-12 Spanish teacher, Hernando-Lloréns taught Spanish and Heritage Spanish at the Middle and High School levels in Kansas.

Mark Hopkins
Clinical Assistant Professor
Educational Leadership
Hopkins has 30 years of experience as an educator, curriculum director, principal, and superintendent. His experience in K-12 education has prepared him to teach and assist others who are currently leading or who will lead Iowa school districts. Areas of interest and research include history of K-12 school leadership, history of Iowa community colleges, transformative learning theory, and rural education advocacy.

EunJung Kim
Clinical Assistant Professor
Elementary Social Studies Education
Kim has been an experienced educator in K-20 settings for more than 20 years. Her research and teaching focus on how to integrate critical multicultural and global perspectives into social studies education and teacher education programs.

Julie Koch
Counseling Psychology
Koch is a counseling psychologist and licensed health service psychologist. Her areas of interest include counseling psychologist supervision and training, diversity, including LGBTQ and international work, and prevention in school settings.

Erin Lane
Clinical Assistant Professor
School Counseling and Counselor Education and Supervision
Lane has worked in K-12 and graduate-level education throughout Iowa and Western Illinois for more than two decades. Her areas of research include school counselor professional identity, the use of data in schools to advocate for historically marginalized students, and school counselor collaboration to improve student mental health outcomes.

Stephen Murley
Clinical Instructor
Education Leadership
Murley has served as superintendent of schools for 18 years in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Iowa City, and Wausau, Wisconsin. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, change management, community engagement, and the growth and development of school leaders.

Kay Ramey
Assistant Professor 
Learning Sciences and Educational Psychology
Ramey has worked in Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy and at NORC at the University of Chicago, an independent research institution that delivers reliable data and rigorous analysis. Her areas of expertise include integrated STEM and STEAM learning, informal learning, spatial cognition, interest development, video-ethnography, and interaction analysis.

Derek Rodgers
Assistant Clinical Professor
Special Education
Rodgers’ area of expertise is the writing development of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He aims to promote effective writing practices for these learners by identifying evidence-based practices and developing new interventions.

Katy Schroeder
Assistant Professor
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Schroeder is a national certified counselor and certified equine specialist in mental health and learning. Her areas of expertise are in group counseling, qualitative research methods, and the psychosocial health benefits of the human-animal bond.

Jamie Tanas
Visiting Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Science Education
Tanas is a former high school science and math teacher with a doctorate in science education. She studies teachers' use of the Next Generation Science Standards for the development of instructional materials with a focus on the role of local contexts and individual cognition.

Samuel Jaye Tanner 
Associate Professor  
English Education
Tanner was a high school English and drama teacher in the Twin Cities for nearly 15 years before accepting a position as literacy faculty in the Penn State system where he worked for seven years. Tanner's research concerns whiteness, improvisation, anti-racism, and education. Tanner is an improviser and creative writer as well as a scholar. 

Hyesun You
Assistant Professor
Science Education
You recently worked at Arkansas Tech University and the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include interdisciplinary learning and teaching, technology-integrated teaching practices, and assessment development and validation in STEM education.


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