Tuesday, August 16, 2022

After nearly 20 years as a faculty member in the University of Iowa College of Education, Amy Shoultz, clinical professor in English Education, retired in the summer of 2022.

Amy Shoultz talking to a group of kids
Amy Shoultz working with a group of students.

Shoultz received her Master of Arts in Teaching from the College of Education in 1990 and returned to the college to earn her doctorate in Language, Literacy, and Culture in 1998.

Prior to becoming a faculty member, Shoultz spent time as a high school teacher, both in the United States and abroad, in schools on the island of Guam, and in the Swiss Alps. She continued her high school teaching career part-time at West High School in Iowa City.

Her passion for teaching internationally continues in her retirement, where she is teaching high school at an international school in Abuja, Nigeria.

“Amy Shoultz provided leadership for our English Education program that supported students learning through intensive field experiences. Her collaborations with school partners and cooperating teachers created amazing spaces for our students to learn,” says Lia Plakans, department chair in teaching and learning.

Shoultz said she will miss the relationships she was able to build with her students.

I worked with our students from the beginning to the end of their program, which allowed me to really get to know them as individuals,” says Shoultz. “Drawing on my own classroom experiences as I taught these students allowed me to relate with them about the ups and downs of teaching. As my students experienced these highs and lows in their field experiences, I was experiencing them, too, so it gave us a bond and a special connection.”

Shoultz takes pride in the quality of instruction she provided to her students and helping them achieve academic success.

“I am most proud of the reflection that I continued to engage in as I made changes to my curriculum based on the ever-changing needs of the students who I taught over the years,” says Shoultz. “Additionally, I am most proud of the EdTPA scores of the student teachers under my direction. We as a class worked together to make sure that everyone passed, and it was a wonderful feeling to be a part of their success.”

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