Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ernest “Ernie” Pascarella, renowned scholar and faculty emeritus in Higher Education and Student Affairs, was ranked #39 in the world ranking of top 1,000 scientists in the areas of social sciences and humanities by Research.com. Pascarella was ranked #22 in the United States.

Nick Bowman
Nick Bowman

Pascarella is one of the most cited scholars in higher education research and his work has been cited in five U.S. Supreme Court cases. Pascarella began his career at the UI College of Education in 1997. He focused his research and writing on the impact of college on students, authoring almost 300 journal articles on this topic. 

Current distinguished Mary Louise Petersen Chair in Higher Education and professor in Higher Education and Student Affairs, Nicholas Bowman, was also ranked in the top scientists in social sciences and humanities as #2,843 and #1,507 in the world and nation, respectively. 

Bowman's uses a social psychological lens to explore key topics in higher education, including student success, diversity, undergraduate admissions, rankings, and research methodology.

Finally, alumnus George Kuh, who graduated in 1975 with his Ph.D. in what would presently be Higher Education and Student Affairs is ranked #89 in the world and #45 nationally.