Thursday, January 27, 2022

Popular programs inspire experiential learning in nature

Students, educators, and faculty now have more opportunities to learn, teach, and conduct research in nature, thanks to three popular programs joining the UI College of Education.

UI WILD, (Wildlife Instruction and Leadership Development), moved from UI Recreational Services to the college in August of 2021. Comprised of School of the WildIowa Wildlife Camps, and the Iowa Raptor Project, UI WILD is dedicated to providing experiential learning opportunities for all students across Iowa.

This move allows the programs to more effectively fulfill their educational missions and continue to thrive in the future,” says UI College of Education Dean Dan Clay. “We are thrilled that the University of Iowa is continuing to provide and grow these educational opportunities for our community and the state.”

The College of Education is providing resources to sustain and grow the programs to reach a greater audience of students and teachers across Iowa.

“Opportunities for teacher education students to learn to use the outdoor environment as their classroom will lead to improved outcomes for student learning and social-emotional development,” Clay adds. “We also expect additional opportunities for research and training grants through continued collaborations and new partnerships.”

These new opportunities will enrich the student experience through academic experiences and research with the College of Education. 

“The possibilities are endless with the ability to improve teacher continuing education across the state of Iowa through learning to teach in the outdoors,” Clay says. “The missions of School of the Wild, Iowa Wildlife Camps, and the Iowa Raptor Project align closely with the mission of the College of Education.”

Visit the UI WILD website for more information or read a related story on School of the Wild.