Thursday, January 7, 2021

B.A. Education Studies and Human Relations (ESHR) is a multidisciplinary major that fits those looking to enter a helping profession, but who do not want to teach in a traditional classroom. It prepares students for jobs in helping and learning professions, advanced studies in education, counseling, and more.

Two subprograms are offered to help students build a program of study that works for their goals:

Education Studies:

Preparing students for supporting roles in a school setting, where they might work on improving policy or developing more efficient learning processes for students.

Human Relations:

Instructing students on how to best counsel or aid those going through difficult times, such as trauma, addiction, or personal problems.


Additionally, a variety of optional informal concentration areas (ICA) are offered to suit students' individual career trajectories:

  • Diversity Education
  • Couple and Family
  • Learning and Development
  • Trauma-informed Advocacy
  • Learning, Design, and Media


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