Tuesday, April 28, 2020

By Elianna Novitch

Thanks to the generosity of University of Iowa College of Education alumni, donors, and friends, students are able to take part in life-changing educational experiences and be leaders in their community.

For senior elementary education major Katie Moore from Solon, Iowa, scholarship support has made a variety of academic and global education experiences possible.

“I cannot thank my scholarship donors enough for the financial contributions they have made to my education and supporting me in being as successful as possible,” Moore says. “I’d like to give a special thanks to the donors of the Kathleen M. Ramsay and Family Scholarship, International Programs’ Programming and Outreach Fund, Howard K. and Mathilda Ihrke Memorial Fund, and the Ann Morse Study Abroad Scholarship – thank you for investing in my success and helping me get to where I am today.”

Moore says that it was through the scholarship support she has received over the years that she was able to fully experience a variety of opportunities the College of Education offered.

“Since my freshman year of college, I have taken a full class schedule, participated in campus activities, volunteered in the community, and worked one or more jobs,” Moore says. “With scholarship support, I was able to cut back on my work hours and put more energy into my studies and engaging in the various opportunities offered at the University of Iowa, such as the India Winterim, Camp Adventure, and visiting an international school in Costa Rica.”

Moore says that philanthropy and scholarship support play a very significant role in many students’ educations.

“Without it, students do not have the same opportunities available to them,” Moore says. “I can speak for myself, that without philanthropic support, I would not have been able to participate in many of the activities and opportunities provided by the University of Iowa and the College of Education.”

College of Education Dean Daniel L. Clay says that although the traditional, in-person College of Education Scholarship Brunch was canceled this spring, the pride and gratitude the college feels for its students and donors could not be stronger.

"It is more important now than ever that we recognize and celebrate the exceptional achievements of our students and the generous support of our donors," Clay says. "Our donors provide vital funding for our students to continue successfully on their educational journeys.”

Thanks to the college's donors, students will be able to complete their education, becoming the teachers, principals, counselors, and educational leaders of the future. The college has more than 75 privately supported scholarship funds and has awarded over 140 individual scholarships.

One of this year's scholarship recipients, Allie Stutting, a secondary education Teacher Education Program student from Princeton, Iowa, has been paying it forward.

Stutting is helping others, not only by being the Executive Director of this year's Dance Marathon but most recently by creating Iowa City Errand-ers, a volunteer organization that was formed to deliver groceries and run errands for those most at-risk for COVID-19.

“I have always grown up in a family that taught me, ‘Give all that you can in this world. I have five brothers and sisters and incredible parents that have constantly supported and pushed me in all that I do, which has inspired me to give back as a Hawkeye,” Stutting says. “I find that giving and serving in any capacity that I can, introduces me to even more ways to give and serve.”

Stutting says her time serving as the Executive Director of UI Dance Marathon gave her skills in leadership, non-profit management, and fundraising that allowed her to manage Iowa City Errand-ers with an incredible team.

Stutting is thankful for all the support she’s gotten from the College of Education and its generous donor support.

“The faculty and staff at the College of Education have been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and motivating throughout my time as a Hawkeye. I owe many thanks to the wonderful people who make up the College of Education and all that it is,” Stutting says. “In my final semester as a Hawkeye, I look forward to having such incredible support from a generous donor.”

The College of Education recognizes the following 2020 student scholarship recipients:

  • Kennedy Amos
  • Emma Arp
  • Ericka Barloon
  • Jessica Battani
  • Alexandra Beckwith
  • Nicole Behrend
  • Victoria Bevilacqua
  • Laura Boddicker
  • Emily Bronswick
  • Kyra Casper
  • Camille Chalkley
  • Coryn Clasen
  • Mandy Conrad
  • Erin Cork
  • Ryan Cortum
  • Feryl Cutkomp
  • Callie Dains
  • Brescia Davis
  • Drew Demeny
  • Kaylee Domek
  • Rachel Dunn
  • Joshua Engler
  • Dulce Escorcia
  • Angel Figueroa Rosado
  • Melissa Ford
  • Salim George
  • Alexandra Grabowski
  • Casey Halligan
  • Yeajin Ham
  • Thomas Hartley
  • Samantha Holtz
  • Emily Horak
  • Leighton Huston
  • Greg Jergens
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Maxwell Johnson
  • Shinji Katsumoto
  • Olivia Ketchen
  • Jiwon Kim
  • M Margaret Krizan
  • Addison Krueger
  • Ching-Fan Lai
  • Alex Lange
  • Connor LaPage
  • Kate Lechtenberg
  • Sarah Leff
  • Peter DeLaFuente
  • Allison Lienen
  • Lauren Linahon
  • Tasha Lindo
  • Isabella Logan
  • Allison Luntz
  • Charles Martin-Stanley II
  • Ella McDonald-Gravert
  • Aaron McVay
  • Carolyn Meiner
  • Catherine Mintz
  • Zachary Mohr
  • Katelyn Moore
  • Jane Morey
  • Taryn Mottet
  • Taylor Nagle
  • Morgan Nichols
  • Landry Oehler
  • Isabel Ortiz
  • Deyu Pan
  • Seohee Park
  • Nabeeha Pasha
  • Kenneth Penzkover
  • Megan Pfeiffer
  • Danica Porter
  • Janis Powers
  • Faiaz Rahman
  • Madisyn Reynolds
  • Erin Riding
  • Allie Rieken
  • Ashley Rila
  • Kaitlin Roush
  • Katherine Rygh
  • Tyler Sandersfeld
  • Macy Schmidt
  • Wei Schneider
  • Megan Schnoebelen
  • Aaron Schwiebert
  • Johanna Skinner
  • Katharine Staudte
  • Brooke Steele
  • Rebekah Stelzle
  • Allison Stutting
  • Brian Suiter
  • Rebecca Swanson
  • Jaime Tanas
  • Megan True
  • Mikayla Ulin
  • Stephanie Vest
  • Emilee Voss
  • Hazel Ward
  • Khadidra Washington
  • Elizabeth Watters
  • Emily Wetherell
  • Andrew Whelchel
  • Claire White
  • Samantha Wiezorek
  • Kelsey Willett
  • Cassandra Williams
  • McKenna Woods
  • Emily Woodward
  • Guanlan Xu
  • Emily Yeomans
  • Mingqin Zhang

Belin-Blank Honors Center student scholarship recipients:

  • Samuel Anderson
  • TJ Ascherl
  • Samantha Frost
  • Alex Glascock
  • Trey Hill
  • Jessica Huff
  • Oscar Ihrig
  • Rylie Kelley
  • Kyle Lastine
  • Kerian Reynolds
  • Morgan Shelton
  • Ollie Smith
  • Priyanka Srinivasan

UI REACH student scholarship recipients:

  • Athena Anderson
  • Chris Boyle
  • Maia Cooper
  • Brady Hemmer
  • Sam Rame
  • Griffin Ranney
  • Alex Senanou
  • Alona Staab
  • Emmie Tiemeier
  • Andrea Watkins
  • Andrew Whitehead