Monday, November 18, 2019

By Elianna Novitch

Barry Schreier, a clinical professor in Counseling Psychology in the University of Iowa College of Education and director of University Counseling Service, was awarded the Association of University and College Counseling Center’s President’s Award for Meritorious Service to the National Field of Campus Mental Health.

The Association of University and College Counseling Center (AUCCCD) is the largest organization of campus mental health leaders in the world. Each year, AUCCCD recognizes member achievements that exemplify excellence in the promotion of campus mental health.

“Everybody in the profession of campus mental health has to do a lot of really big work to meet all the mental health needs on campuses these days,” Schreier says. “It’s a humbling experience to receive this award and especially having been selected by a group of other mental health leaders that I highly respect.”

The AUCCCD award is a national recognition and highlights not only Schreier’s contribution nationally, but also recognizes him as a national leader from the University of Iowa campus.

“It’s not just an award for me. I think it’s an award for the University Counseling Service and bringing recognition to the work we’re doing,” Schreier says. “But it also brings a lot of recognition to the University of Iowa that has done a lot of work in the last three years to really upscale its mental health services.”

Schreier says that in recent years the UI has done a lot to expand its mental health services and those who are involved in it.

“We are a lot more proactive and offering many more services than we did in the past,” Schreier says. “I think we are a much more highly responsive campus to the mental health needs of our student than we have ever been before.”

Schreier teaches an ethics and pre-practicum class for the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology in the College of Education.