Wednesday, October 16, 2019

By Elianna Novitch

Guess what day it is…? It’s “Where Do You Work?” Wednesday! This week meet alumna Dawnelle Middlemiss (BS ’93 in Physical Education).

Middlemiss inspires a passion for physical health and exercise in her students as a physical education specialist, a position she has worked in for 26 years. Middlemiss works at Val Vista Lakes Elementary School in Gilbert, Arizona.

“I love teaching PE. Who else gets to play all day while teaching my students how to be healthy and move for a lifetime?” Middlemiss says. “I am blessed to be able to show my enthusiasm for my field of work to my students every day.”

Middlemiss is thankful for her time at the University of Iowa and all that it taught her.

“I’m so happy I graduated from Iowa. I learned to always do my best, set a good time example for my students, and always ‘fight until the game is won,’” Middlemiss says.