Sunday, March 24, 2019

Q: What were your days like as a student athlete and UI student?

A: My day usually started around 5:30 with breakfast and then headed to a team lift at 6:30. I had a full class schedule including practicum, where I was actually teaching. I would find time to fit lunch in somewhere between travel and classes, then go straight to practice. After my last class, I had to go straight back to the facility for our meetings and practice. 

Q: How did you balance football and being a student? 

A: Balancing all the above was actually easier than it may seem. I had phenomenal teachers, mentors, and leaders at the College of Education that helped make all that happen smoothly. 

Q: How did being a student athlete impact you as a teacher?

University of Iowa alumnus Casey Kreiter

A: Being a student athlete gave me the confidence needed to control a classroom effectively. As a part of a college team you are faced with many different individuals with many different backgrounds. Being able to work with different types of people in a sport directly correlates to dealing with individuals students’ needs. 

Q: How do you stay in touch with your education and STEM roots while playing professional football?

A: I have been very fortunate that the Denver Broncos has a STEM initiative in place already. I try and help with that as much as I can throughout the year. I have also been lucky to be in contact with a few schools in the area I live and get to chat with sports teams and leadership classes. I really hope to teach a guest lesson soon.

Q: Do you plan on going back into education when you retire from the NFL?

A: Yes! I cannot wait to get back into the classroom. Teaching is something that I love to do and find fulfillment doing.

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