Sunday, March 24, 2019

Terry Ackerman
Distinguished Visiting Professor in Educational Measurement and Statistics

Terry Ackerman's research focuses on trying to model educational assessment data. In particular, he explores the dimensionality of this data and what may be the cause of the dimensionality. 

Terry Ackerman helps students develop a passion for research.

Erin Barnes
Clinical Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Erin Barnes focuses on community engagement and looks at how it is advancing her students as professionals.

Erin Barnes prepares students for the outside world.

Anne Estapa
Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education

Anne Estapa works to create opportunities and experiences to prepare and keep teachers in the classroom. Her research focuses on pre-service teacher learning, examining how to best prepare teachers.

Anne Estapa's research helps pre-service teachers engage in the work of teaching.

Jon Goodwin
Visiting Assistant Professor in Counseling Psychology/School Psychology

Jon Goodwin's research focuses on neuro developmental disorders that adversely impact scholastic functioning in school-aged children and the assessment and identification of learning differences in special populations, including those with exceptionally high intellectual ability. 

Jon Goodwin mentors students to use research in helping clients.

Adam Harry
Visiting Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music

Adam Harry's research focuses on issues of inclusively, educational access, and equity in music education.

Adam Harry helps to create a meaningful and inclusive environment for students.

Matthew Lira
Clinical Assistant Professor in Learning Sciences

Matthew Lira's research focuses on developing experiments to identify the cognitive functions of learning with equations to improve learning environments for science students.

Lira designs innovative learning environments for students.

Amanda Mollet
Visiting Assistant Professor in Higher Education and Student Affairs

Amanda Mollet's research centers on traditionally and historically minoritized college students by examining questions of their development, experiences, and outcomes in higher education. 

Amanda Mollet’s scholarship amplifies voices of students who are historically silenced.

Jamaal Young
Associate Professor in Mathematics Education

Jamaal Young's research centers on modeling and explaining academic outcomes of African-American students. He looks at outcomes and achievement in STEM content areas, mathematics, and science. 

Jamaal Young prepares students for changing classrooms.

Jemimah Young
Assistant Professor in Social Studies

Jemimah young, who has a specialization in Multicultural and Urban Education, wants to transform understanding regarding achievement and educational outcomes for marginalized and minorized populations, with a specific focus on black women and girls. 

Jemimah Young focuses her research on academic achievement of black women and girls

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