Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Happy “Where Do You Work?” Wednesday! This week meet alumna Kate Koenig (BA ’06 Elementary Education).


Koenig is the elementary school principal at Rabat American School in Rabat, Morocco. This is her first year in the position. She has previously worked in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


“The field of education is dynamic and faces on-going challenges. Spreading learner-centered pedagogy across the globe which inspires and empowers future leaders is a role I am grateful to have,” says Koenig. “What I believe is the most import part of my role at school and in life is to be a learner, and it’s wonderful to have that be how I spend my work week.”


As a member of the Hawkeye Women’s Swim Team, Koenig had to delay her student teaching experience, which allowed her to student teach in Australia, sparking her passion for international education.


“The opportunity to expand my understanding of culture, education, and my own global perspective has propelled my career in a direction that allows me to serve families and educators globally,” said Koenig. 


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