Monday, May 7, 2018

Chelsea Keenan

Henry Hartzler (BA ’17) is an Environmental Education Primary Teacher with the Peace Corps. He’s been serving in Nicaragua since September 2017.

Hartzler loves how multi-faceted his job is, he says. In addition to teaching, he organizes teacher training; teaches chess to promote critical thinking; and runs a weekly tutoring program. He’s also working with the school administrators and students to grow vegetable gardens and tree nurseries as well as implement a trash-sorting program.

“Teaching in Spanish and navigating a foreign culture brings new challenges every day, but I am thankful to grow and share in this unique experience,” he says.

Attendance can be a challenge for his students, so Hartzler works hard to design lessons that are not only relevant to his students’ daily lives but fun. He incorporates dynamic activities that are engaging and promote critical thinking and problem solving.

“I want all of my students to be excited to come to school every morning,” he says. “Cultivating a positive and supportive classroom atmosphere reinforces attendance and promotes self-esteem. Students are the future of our communities and how they interact within the classroom reflects their actions in their daily lives.”

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