Wednesday, January 10, 2018

By Sara Nelson

Happy “Where Do You Work?” Wednesday! This week meet alumnus Mark Bartlett (BA ’09 Elementary Education).


Bartlett works as a physical education teacher at Jean Irish Elementary, a dual language school in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is his sixth year at the school. Bartlett has previously served as an interventionist, and as a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teacher. He is currently working towards a Master of Arts degree in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity. Bartlett is originally from Keokuk, Iowa.


“I love the work our school is doing around student and teacher efficacy,” says Bartlett. “We are seeing so many students take ownership of their learning, and that has been extremely rewarding. They are motivated and driven to reach their goals.”


Bartlett tries to incorporate language instruction and development into his physical education curriculum. He also uses the nature around him as an educational tool.


“Our goal is to get students outside and into the mountains to ignite a passion and appreciation for the environment, as well as teach them valuable life skills in the process,” says Bartlett.


Bartlett is thankful for the University of Iowa College of Education’s job fair, which provided him with interview experience, and helped him make connections that led to his first job outside of college. Bartlett was also very active in Dance Marathon, and is grateful for the leadership skills and the lifelong relationships that he gained.


“I was undecided at Iowa for a long time. The faculty within the College of Education inspired me to choose education as a career path,” says Bartlett. “I am so grateful for the opportunities I had at Iowa. It was truly a remarkable experience.”


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