Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Photos by Mei-Ling Shaw Williams

Seventy-one students  completed the Teacher Education Program to be recommended to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for teacher licensure on Thursday, Dec. 14, during the inaugural University of Iowa College of Education Commencement Ceremony. Thirty-six of those students received the degree, Bachelor of Arts, with major in Elementary Education, conferred for the first time by the College of Education. The degree was previously conferred by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

The other 35 students received recognition of their completion of the Teacher Education Program at the UI College of Education's ceremony; many were also recognized for degrees awarded at the commencement ceremonies of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the Graduate College.

You can watch a video of the entire University of Iowa College of Education commencement ceremony here.

Fifty-one students participated in the Fall 2017 Commencement Ceremony. Three Elementary Education students graduated with distinction: Courtney Fredrickson and Madison Pettit graduated with high distinction, and Allison Lienen graduated with highest distinction. To see more students who graduated with distinction click here.

Twenty-three students completed a Bachelor of Arts in Education, with a major in Elementary Education: Breanna Anderson, Zoey Baker, Danielle Bender, Jordan Buster, Ismenia Castelan, Margaret Denning, Skylar Fitzgerald, Courtney Fredrickson, Ellen Gnadt, Haley Goodman, Aubrey Grawe, Allison Harmon, Isabella Marchiori, Emily Miller, Emilie Olveda, Madison Pettit, Emily Rehfeldt, Madison Richmond, Samantha Roseland, Hailey Schneden, Andrew Schneider, Meika Spies, Emily Weis, and Syndey Zima.

Twenty-eight students completed the Teacher Education Program for Secondary Education. Seven students completed a degree in English Education: Blair Brown, Elizabeth Halverson, Amanda Hargis, Tyler James, Sierra Kome, Ariel Seusloff, and Shannon Wright. 5 students completed a degree in Mathematics: Sarah Andrews, Abby Brennemann, Brook Croat, Thomas Eilers, and Brandon Graber. 3 students completed a degree in Music: Haviland Gilbert, Eriq Vazquez, and Larissa Wilming. 9 students completed a degree in Social Studies: Graham Brua, Jacob Engle, Garret Gobble, Matthew Hoffmann, Andrew Matzen, Kelly McElroy, Christopher Orabutt, Michael Suiter, and Trevor Templeman. 4 students completed a degree in Special Education: Liqun Feng, Derek Lau, Vincent Lehmkuhl, and Lisa Michels. 

Jeremy Manternach, assistant professor of vocal music education in the UI Colleges of Education and Liberal Arts and Sciences, was the faculty speaker. Elizabeth Halverson of Spencer, Iowa, who received her degree in English Education and completed the Teacher Education Program, was the student speaker. Read a related story about Halverson. The keynote speaker was Martin G. Carver, (BA, business, ’70), who is a principal for MG Consulting LLC, and former chairman of the board, CEO, and president of Bandag, Inc.