Monday, October 2, 2017

By Sara Nelson

As the only person to receive the Regent’s Excellence Award twice, John Achrazoglou seeks to prepare future educators through curriculum development and creating online programming.

Achrazoglou is a new Clinical Associate Professor in Elementary Education and the Chief Technology Officer of the Education Technology Center.

While Achrazoglou is new to this faculty position, he is not new to the College of Education. He has been a long-time staff member, adjunct faculty member, and director of the Education Technology Center, joining the college in 1985.

In addition, he is also an alumnus of the UI College of Education, receiving both his doctoral degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction, and his Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology here.

 “I am looking forward to getting to do more of what I enjoy; teaching curriculum development, especially developing online programming,” says Achrazoglou.

Achrazoglou has published and presented on instructional technologies, universal design and learning, assistive technologies for learners with disabilities, and diversity issues in education and ePortfolios.

“I feel I am making a difference by hopefully developing the best practices with appropriate technologies towards including all students regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities in an engaging and rewarding educational experience,” he says.

Achrazoglou has also received local and national recognition for his volunteer efforts with the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the Cedar Rapids African American Achievement program.

“An important goal of mine is to prepare our future educators with the pedagogical and technical skills to break down barriers between their students and the learning ahead,” says Achrazoglou.