Thursday, April 27, 2017

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We raised $55 Million!

More than 6,000 donors contributed a total of $55 million to the College of Education as part of For Iowa. Forever More: The Campaign for the University of Iowa. This is a rare achievement, only made possible thanks to your generosity and support! Here are some of your insights and inspiration for giving:


Mary Louise Peterson

"This investment in an endowed chair has given me and my husband a great deal of pleasure. I have been very pleased with Ernie Pascarella’s work. I have valued the work he has done as a researcher. Many of his graduate students have been people who are now administrators of our institutions, be they community colleges, private colleges, and beyond.”

Mary Louise Petersen (BA ’51), Retired


Jake Chung

“My passion for working in the field of education and supporting some of the most marginalized students came from the foundation that the College of Education provided me. My success today can be directly attributed to my professors, the support staff, and my field experiences. I will be forever grateful for my education and that is why I choose to give back on a yearly basis.”

Jake Chung (BA ’96), Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Planning at Arlington Heights School District 25, College of Education Advisory Board Member


Richard Ferguson

“As one who likes to make investments that yield positive returns, I know of very few that provide returns comparable to those realized from a college of education. I like knowing that my gifts to the College of Education are good investments, that they can and will change lives today and for generations yet to come.”

Richard Ferguson, ACT, Inc. CEO and Chairman (Retired), Belin-Blank Center Advisory Board Member


Marlys Dunphy

“In appreciation of my experience as a student of Barry’s (an associate professor in the Department of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations), I decided to endow a scholarship in his name – the Barry Bratton Memorial Award Fund. In this small way, I wanted to ‘pay it forward’ for all that the college had done for both Barry and me and to help those future teachers in some small way.”

Marlys Dunphy (MA ’79/EdS ‘87), Dietitian and Educator (Retired)


Chuck Peters

“Our current educational system was designed over 100 years ago, to achieve very different purposes in a very different time. We need to re-imagine our education system to meet the needs of tomorrow, starting with how we develop teachers. My personal passions are effective reading instruction and gifted students. The University of Iowa College of Education is leading with both the Iowa Reading Research Center and the Belin-Blank Center, which made it easy for me to support the college.”

Chuck Peters, Chair of the Board of Folience, College of Education Advisory Board Chair


Al Ruffalo

“My parents were from Italy and neither one graduated from high school. They stressed the importance of building a better life and how education could open that door. I was the first of our family to receive a degree, and it was an easy decision to set up the Ruffalo Scholarship fund to help first generation students get their degree.”

Al Ruffalo (MA ’75), Executive Chairman at RuffaloNoelLevitz, College of Education Advisory Board Member


Linda Baker

“It comes down to the students. When I had this wonderful opportunity to meet the students and to travel with the students, all it said to me is, ‘This was absolutely the right place to put our donation.’”

Linda R. Baker (BA ’68), College of Education Advisory Board Member


To learn more about how you can contribute to programs and projects in the UI College of Education, please contact:

Cally Murray

Cally Murray

Director of Development, College of Education The University of Iowa Foundation

Levitt Center for University Advancement

P.O. Box 4550

Iowa City, Iowa 52244-4550

(319) 335-3305 or toll-free (800) 648-6973

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