Thursday, April 27, 2017

Amy Marling (MAT ‘14), is an at-risk and science teacher at Clear Creek Amana High School in Tiffin, Iowa.

In her work, Marling travels between Clear Creek and West Campus (the district’s alternative high school), teaching a range of science classes, including AP biology and physical science. She also coaches students to compete in the Science Olympiad.

“I have the best of both worlds, working with students whose most challenging subject is science and those who can’t get enough of it,” Marling says. “Inspiring the scientific minds of my students is incredibly rewarding.”

Marling says that her teaching philosophy is based on making instruction relevant through inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities.

“I have been able to take my students on several field trips to experience science outside of the classroom — Kent Park, University of Northern Iowa Herpetology Lab, University of Iowa Department of Biology,” Marling says. “To me, these experiences bring science to life in a way that a regular classroom is not able to provide.”

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