Monday, March 7, 2016

by Schools, Culture, and Society

Emily Guenther
Emily Guenther enrolled as a Master’s student in Schools, Culture, and Society because of her interest in studying education in context. Emily, who is the Director of the Liberal Arts in Prison Program at Grinnell College, notes that the SCS program has been very useful in putting her work in context of historical trends and conflicts. The SCS program has helped her to understand and conduct her work from a more informed perspective. Emily also adds, “I find learning, about history in particular, to be really enjoyable. It is a pleasure to be intellectually challenged and learn from the diverse work and life experiences of my fellow SCS students.”

Because of her work, Emily is most interested in the history of educational institutions as it intersects with the history of prisons and other correctional institutions in the United States. She has also found useful parallels in studying the history of underrepresented groups in higher education. As Director of the Liberal Arts in Prison Program, Emily works closely with her students and most enjoys learning what they find valuable about studying the liberal arts. Emily states, “As someone who loves liberal arts education but has worried about its limitations for non-traditional students, I have found my work extremely substantive and meaningful.”

Hometown: Portage, Wisconsin

SCS Entry: 2012

Personal Interests: Emily enjoys cooking, reading, walking, and yoga.