The college has invited a group of experienced graduate students to form our Graduate Student Executive Committee (GSEC) which has been active in offering sessions both informational and social that are intended to support graduate student endeavors. They have also provided valuable input to college administration on many issues including orientation for new students entering the college.

GSEC aims to support new graduate students by helping them get acquainted with other students, the college, and the area. In addition to the New Graduate Student Orientation event, helpful information regarding the college, transportation, family services, surrounding attractions, etc., can be found here: Helpful Information for New College of Education Graduate Students.

The Graduate Student Executive committee is a volunteer group of graduate students who serve in an advisory role reporting to the Associate Dean of Faculty and Graduate Programs on issues related to students. The committee also organizes and administers sessions promoting the quality of life for graduate students including the New Graduate Student Welcome Event with the support of the Dean’s Office. 

Activities include:

  • New Graduate Student Welcome Event – organized and delivered by experienced students.
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Finals Breakfast
  • Information in support of graduate student quality of life including adjusting to Iowa City culture.
  • Sessions that specifically target master’s students, and international students
  • Sessions in support of those in programs whose career goals support education in industry and non-academic jobs.
  • Support in the Graduate Student Commons
  • Cooperative projects with other graduate student organizations in the COE

Student volunteers gain skills in administration, collaborative planning, and serving as a liaison to College of Education administration. The committee strives to include at least two representatives from each department within the College of Education with at least one member from i-fellows and other graduate student organizations.

2024 Representatives

Counselor Education

Gracie BearMA, School
Caroline CanbyMA, School

Educational Policy and Leadership Studies

Ashley ClasbyMA, Ed
Nico SheckMA,
Miao ZhaoPhD,

Psychological and Quantitative Foundations

Ganrong FuPhD,
Collin GlazekPhD, School
Yetunde MabadejePhD,
Alex PaulsPhD, School Psychology; MA,
Xiaoyu TangPhD,

Teaching and Learning

Dukin ChoiPhD,
Mandy DuffeyPhD, Science
Mandy DunphyPhD, Science
Colleen KollaschPhD,
Bianca SchambergerPhD,