1. Assistant Professor
    1. Promise of ability as a teacher, supported by University or public school teaching evaluations, where applicable.
    2. Holder of the doctorate or equivalent.  Professional licensure where appropriate to the discipline.
    3. Promise of scholarly productivity, supported by publications or the equivalent.
    4. Promise of service, supported by memberships in professional organizations.
  2. Associate Professor
    1. Convincing evidence that the candidate is an effective teacher and advisor of undergraduate and graduate students.
    2. Demonstration of high quality artistic or scholarly achievement, supported by substantial publication or equivalent artistic creations, as appropriate to the discipline(s).
    3. Demonstration of departmental, collegiate, University, and professional service at an appropriate level.
    4. Unmistakable promise of promotion to full professor.
    5. Demonstrated ability to guide doctoral students to the completion of their degree, as evidenced by the chairing or co-chairing of a dissertation.
    6. Promise of success in searching for and acquiring externally sponsored awards and contracts, as evidenced by effective development of proposals for internally or externally sponsored awards.
  3. Professor
    1. Consistent record of high-quality teaching at all appropriate instructional levels, including successful guidance of doctoral students to the completion of their degree program.
    2. Continued artistic or scholarly achievement of high quality, accompanied by unmistakable evidence that the candidate is a nationally and, where applicable, internationally recognized scholar or creative artist in the chosen field.
    3. Demonstration of effective service to the department, the college, the University, and the profession.
    4. Where applicable, evidence of effective competition for, and administration of externally sponsored awards and contracts.

January 2000