Examining Committees. The College encourages departments and programs to construct Ph.D. examining committees which are comprised of faculty members with varying, but related, areas of expertise.

The comprehensive and final examinations are conducted by committees of no fewer than five members of the Graduate Faculty appointed by the dean upon recommendation of the major department or program. These committees are composed as follows:

  • At least four of the faculty members must be members of the University of Iowa tenure-track faculty.
  • At least two of the faculty members are from the major department (defined as faculty members who hold any appointment in the major department or program), and are members of the University of Iowa tenure-track faculty.
  • At least one of the faculty members is from outside the major department on a thesis committee. This committee member can be an appointee if four tenure-track faculty are serving on the committee. A comprehensive exam committee would only need an outside member if a student is writing on a question from that area.

A department or program may impose additional structure on the composition of its examining committees.

Departments and programs may request the dean's permission to replace one of the five members of the Graduate Faculty by a recognized scholar of professorial rank from another academic institution. This request must demonstrate that the external scholar brings expertise or experience not available among University of Iowa faculty. These requests must be approved by the Graduate College Dean. Also, a voting member may be added at the discretion of the College Dean.

November 9, 2012