The responsibilities of the FAC shall include the following:

  • To facilitate liaison and communication between the administration and faculty on all matters of general interest.
  • To consider and make recommendations for the consideration of the Dean and/or the faculty on major changes in curricula, student personnel policy, and administrative procedure.
  • To consider and make recommendations to the Dean on matters of policy regarding the professional welfare of the faculty.
  • To suggest matters to be included in the agenda for faculty meetings.
  • To make recommendations for improvement of the program and activities of the College.
  • To consider and make recommendations which will enhance the standing and reputation of the College and which will provide for the development of relations with the faculties of other colleges in The University of Iowa and with colleges, graduate schools and professional societies generally.

These responsibilities are not the exclusive duties of the COE FAC but may be shared with other groups such as the Dean's Administrative Council and the Staff Council


The secretary shall keep a record of the actions of the Faculty Advisory Committee. Members of the faculty and staff shall have access as appropriate to their position to the minutes of these meetings. Permanent copies of minutes shall be kept in the Office of the Dean.

Faculty can view meeting minutes on the College's Minutes site.

If prompted to log in you may need to include iowa\ before your HawkID.

Committee Members

  • Shawn Datchuk (chair)
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Erika Johnson
  • Brandon LeBeau
  • Allison Rowe
  • Ann Santos
  • Susannah Wood (secretary)