The College of Education is excited to offer in-person student success workshops for its students this semester! Registration is not required, but by registering you will receive a calendar invitation and reminders. Please contact Tom Hicks, Student Support Coordinator, at with any questions.

Spring 2024 Workshops

Workshop #1: So Much to Do, So Little Time: Time Management Strategies for Academic Success
Tuesday, 1/30, 5pm, TLC
Learn about tools to create effective time management plans and to recognize how your academic success is affected by time management. Presented by Academic Support and Retention.

Workshop #2: Reflecting on Your Learning: Refine Your Study Strategies Now
Thursday, 2/08, 3pm, TLC
This session will provide a structured opportunity to reflect on your semester and evaluate how effective you were with your learning so far. You will then identify specific steps and strategies you can use for the rest of the semester to accomplish your academic goals. Presented by Learning at Iowa.

Workshop #3: Juggling your Growth
Wednesday, 2/21, 3pm, TLC
What helps you grow as a student, person, or professional? This session will use juggling (yes, actual juggling) to model how patience, failure, and persistence are essential tools for growth. No previous juggling experience needed. Presented by The College of Education Office of Student Services.

Workshop #4: Bouncing Back in Times of Stress: Resiliency
Wednesday, 3/20, 5pm, TLC
Learn about bouncing back from situations that do not go as planned and set a path towards success. Presented by Academic Support & Retention.


Tom Hicks Student Support Coordinator

Hicks helps students juggle life and school

Friday, January 26, 2024
When Tom Hicks received a set of juggling balls from his grandmother 20 years ago, little did he know it would become a crucial teaching tool in his career. Now, as the College of Education's Student Support Coordinator, Tom Hick uses juggling as a tool to support student success.

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Student Support Coordinator
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