The next Equating Workshop will be held June 6 - 8, 2022.

Please visit the CASMA/GRSC Statistics and Assessment Institute page for workshop registration information.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Advanced graduate students in measurement
  • Faculty who plan to teach equating
  • Employees of state departments of education, testing companies, licensure and certification organizations
  • Others who want a relatively in-depth training on equating

It is assumed that participants have intermediate knowledge of classical test theory and intermediate statistics. IRT knowledge is helpful, but not required.

What past participants are saying about the CASMA Equating Workshop

  • The workshop provides a very comprehensive overview of the most common equating methods and practice of software with a good selection of details.
  • This workshop was of exceptional value. The concepts, methods, and software are readily able to be applied in my work tasks. I went from a few vague notions to a relatively good understanding of concepts in just one week.
  • The workshop was superb! It was an honor to be able to study under such an elite panel of experts. The organization, planning and execution of all aspects of the workshop were outstanding!
  • The instructors were exceptional and very approachable. This is much appreciated with content that is so dense.
  • Very useful as an overview of a variety of methods that I didn’t know about before. Also has made me aware of certain practical aspects that can apply to context other than my own organization.
  • Extremely valuable, even with my extensive number of years’ experience conducting equating.
  • This workshop has helped me grow as a psychometrician. The examples described really helped me understand the issues and mechanics in equating.
  • I really enjoyed the combination of theoretical and applied concepts.
  • Excellent workshop, provided wealth of information on critical issues for testing in education. Materials were extremely helpful in illustrating concepts.


Debbie Baker
CASMA Finance and Research Administrator