As part of our commitment to student success and excellence, we are actively engaging in diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism practices.

These initiatives aim:

  1. to actively increase the incorporation of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our teaching approaches and curricula;
  2. to conduct research that informs ways to disrupt structural inequities in education;
  3. to uphold and create organizational practices that support and value the humanity of all;
  4. to improve the college’s climate by actively addressing policies and practices that interrupts preferential and/or inequitable treatment by race, culture or nationality in our organization, but also in our community and society.

Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC)

The Anti-Racism Collaborative (ARC) intends to inspire and normalize conversations that deconstruct how racism operates in our organization, our community, and our society. The ARC structures invite all in the College of Education community to think and act together boldly and creatively to implement practices that are intentionally anti-racist.

Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-Racism Resources is a curated, evolving list of resources for educators, community members, and students. 

Do you identify as a BIPOC student?

For resources, community events, and offerings, visit: