Courses listed below are defined as Teacher Education Program "Core Courses" for purposes of Teacher Education Program academic and student teaching policies.Updated November 19, 2021.

All Teacher Education Program areas:

  • PSQF:1075 Educational Psychology and Measurement
  • PSFQ:6200 Educational Psychology (grad)
  • EPLS:3000 Foundations of Education
  • EDTL:4900 Foundations of Special Education
  • EPLS:4180 Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:3002 Teaching and Learning Technologies

Student Teaching:

  • EDTL:4187 Elementary Student Teaching Seminar
  • EDTL:4190 Supervise Teach Elem Schl Interact Phase
  • EDTL:4191 Supervise Teach Elem Sch P&P Phase
  • EDTL:4192 Special Area Student Teaching
  • EDTL:4087 Seminar: Curriculum & Student Teaching
  • EDTL:4089 Elem Sch Spec Subject Area Student Tchg
  • EDTL:4091 Observa & Lab Prac in Secondary School
  • EDTL:4092 Observa & Lab Prac in Secondary School
  • ABRD:3530 Elementary Student Teaching Abroad
  • ABRD:3531 Secondary Student Teaching Abroad

Elementary Education:

  • EDTL:3190 Orientation to Elementary Education
  • EDTL:3103 Assessment for Instructional Planning and Practice
  • EDTL:3120 Methods & Materials: Music for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:2122 Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts
  • EDTL:3123 Reading and Responding to Children's Literature
  • EDTL:3127 Methods: PE, Health & Wellness
  • EDTL:3141 Number and Operations
  • EDTL:3142 Geometry and Measurement
  • EDTL:3160 Primary Reading and Language Arts Methods, K-3
  • EDTL:3161 Social Studies for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:3163 Methods Elementary School Mathematics
  • EDTL:3164 Intermediate Reading and Language Arts Methods, 3-6
  • EDTL:3165 Elementary Science Methods I
  • EDTL:3166 Elementary Science Methods II
  • EDTL:3170 Elementary Classroom Management
  • EDTL:3071 Diversity and Exceptionalities in Literacy Instruction
  • EDTL:3172 Elementary Reading Practicum
  • EDTL:3174 Elementary Math Practicum
  • MATH:1120 Logic of Arithmetic
  • MATH:1140 Mathematical Basis of Elementary Geometry
  • STAT:1010 Statistics and Society
  • STAT:1020 Elementary Statistics and Inferences

Elementary Education Special Education Instructional Strategist I specialization

  • EDTL:3915 Practicum: Strategist I
  • EDTL:4922 Supervised Teaching: Elementary Instructional Strategist I
  • EDTL:4934 / PSQF:4134 Parent Teacher Communication
  • EDTL:4940 Characteristics of Disabilities
  • EDTL:4984 Academic Skills for Students with Special Needs

Secondary Education programs:

  • EDTL:3071 Secondary Classroom Management
  • EDTL:3090 Orientation to Secondary Education
  • EDTL:3095 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas

(See below for additional program area requirements.)

Art Education:

  • EDTL:3290 Introduction & Practicum: Art
  • EDTL:3122 / ARTE:3122 Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts
  • EDTL:3143 / ARTE:3143 Methods of Elementary Art and Field Experiences
  • EDTL:3205 Methods of Secondary Art and Field Experiences
  • ARTE:3010 Art Education Studio and Field Components

English Education:

  • EDTL:4314 Introduction & Practicum: Secondary English
  • EDTL:4315 / ENGL:4810 Learning to Teach Secondary English/Language Arts and Field Experience
  • EDTL:4355 Approaches to Teaching Writing
  • EDTL:3382 Language and Learning
  • EDTL:3393 Reading & Teaching Adolescent Literature
  • EDTL:4394 Secondary Reading Instruction

English as a Second Language

  • EDTL:4410 Teaching K-12 Second Language Learners
  • EDTL:4418 ESL Practicum I
  • EDTL:4467 Methods: ESL and Bilingual Education
  • EDTL:4498 Language Structures for Teaching ELLs
  • EDTL:6483 Multilingual Education and Applied Linguistics (grad)

Mathematics Education:

  • EDTL:3532 Introduction & Practicum: Mathematics
  • EDTL:3534 Methods: Middle School Mathematics
  • EDTL:4535 Methods: High School Mathematics

Music Education:

  • EDTL:3610 Introduction & Practicum: Music
  • EDTL:3620 Methods & Materials: General Music
  • EDTL:3635 Instrumental Conducting
  • EDTL:3640 Choral Methods
  • EDTL:3645 Choral Conducting and Literature
  • EDTL:3650 Instrumental Methods and Materials

Science Education:

  • EDTL:4751 Science Methods I: Early Learners & Field Experience
  • EDTL:4752 Secondary Science Methods II: Jr High and Field Experience
  • EDTL:4753 Secondary Science Methods III: High School and Field Experience
  • EDTL:4779 Secondary School Science Practicum

Social Studies Education:

  • EDTL:4811 Introduction & Practicum: Social Studies
  • EDTL:4870 Methods: Social Studies

World Language Education

  • EDTL:4406 Foreign Language Education Practicum I
  • EDTL:4407 Foreign Language Education Practicum II
  • EDTL:4410 Teaching K-12 Second Language Learners
  • EDTL:4416 Learning to Teach Second Languages I
  • EDTL:4417 Learning to Teach Second Languages II
  • EDTL:6483 Second Language Classroom Learning (grad)