Courses listed below are defined as Teacher Education Program "Core Courses" for purposes of Teacher Education Program academic and student teaching policies. Updated September 1, 2022.


All Teacher Education Program areas:

  • PSQF:1075 Educational Psychology and Measurement
  • PSFQ:6200 Educational Psychology (grad)
  • EPLS:3000 Foundations of Education
  • EDTL:4900 Foundations of Special Education
  • EPLS:4180 Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:3002 Teaching and Learning Technologies

Student Teaching:

  • EDTL:4187 Elementary Student Teaching Seminar
  • EDTL:4190 Supervise Teach Elem Schl Interact Phase
  • EDTL:4191 Supervise Teach Elem Sch P&P Phase
  • EDTL:4192 Special Area Student Teaching
  • EDTL:4087 Seminar: Curriculum & Student Teaching
  • EDTL:4089 Elem Sch Spec Subject Area Student Tchg
  • EDTL:4091 Observa & Lab Prac in Secondary School
  • EDTL:4092 Observa & Lab Prac in Secondary School
  • ABRD:3530 Elementary Student Teaching Abroad
  • ABRD:3531 Secondary Student Teaching Abroad

Elementary Education:

  • EDTL:3190 Orientation to Elementary Education
  • EDTL:3103 Assessment for Instructional Planning and Practice
  • EDTL:3120 Methods & Materials: Music for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:2122 Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts
  • EDTL:3123 Reading and Responding to Children's Literature
  • EDTL:3127 Methods: PE, Health & Wellness
  • EDTL:3141 Number and Operations
  • EDTL:3142 Geometry and Measurement
  • EDTL:3160 Primary Reading and Language Arts Methods, K-3
  • EDTL:3161 Social Studies for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:3163 Methods Elementary School Mathematics
  • EDTL:3164 Intermediate Reading and Language Arts Methods, 3-6
  • EDTL:3165 Elementary Science Methods I
  • EDTL:3166 Elementary Science Methods II
  • EDTL:3170 Elementary Classroom Management
  • EDTL:3172 Elementary Reading Practicum
  • EDTL:3174 Elementary Math Practicum
  • EDTL:4171 Diversity and Exceptionalities in Literacy Instruction
  • MATH:1120 Logic of Arithmetic
  • MATH:1140 Mathematical Basis of Elementary Geometry
  • STAT:1010 Statistics and Society
  • STAT:1020 Elementary Statistics and Inferences

Elementary Education Special Education Instructional Strategist I specialization

  • EDTL:3915 Practicum: Strategist I
  • EDTL:4922 Supervised Teaching: Elementary Instructional Strategist I
  • EDTL:4934 / PSQF:4134 Parent Teacher Communication
  • EDTL:4940 Characteristics of Disabilities
  • EDTL:4984 Academic Skills for Students with Special Needs

Secondary Education programs:

  • EDTL:3091 Secondary Education Program Orientation and Classroom Management
  • EDTL:3095 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas

(See below for additional program area requirements.)

Art Education:

  • EDTL:3290 Introduction & Practicum: Art
  • EDTL:2122 Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts
  • EDTL:5222 Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts (grad)
  • EDTL:3143 / ARTE:3143 Methods of Elementary Art and Field Experiences
  • EDTL:3205 Methods of Secondary Art and Field Experiences
  • EDTL:3204 / ARTE:3010 Art Education Studio and Field Components

English Education:

  • EDTL:3382 Language and Learning
  • EDTL:3393 Reading & Teaching Adolescent Literature
  • EDTL:4314 Introduction & Practicum: Secondary English
  • EDTL:4315 / ENGL:4810 Learning to Teach Secondary English/Language Arts and Field Experience
  • EDTL:4355 Approaches to Teaching Writing
  • EDTL:4394 Secondary Reading Instruction

English as a Second Language

  • EDTL:4410 Teaching K-12 Second Language Learners
  • EDTL:4418 ESL Practicum I
  • EDTL:4467 Methods: ESL and Bilingual Education
  • EDTL:4498 Language Structures for Teaching ELLs
  • EDTL:6483 Multilingual Education and Applied Linguistics (grad)

Mathematics Education:

  • EDTL:3532 Introduction & Practicum: Mathematics
  • EDTL:3534 Methods: Middle School Mathematics
  • EDTL:4535 Methods: High School Mathematics
  • EDTL:4750 Assessment in STEM

Music Education:

  • EDTL:3610 Introduction & Practicum: Music
  • EDTL:3620 Methods & Materials: General Music
  • EDTL:3635 Instrumental Conducting
  • EDTL:3640 Choral Methods
  • EDTL:3645 Choral Conducting and Literature
  • EDTL:3650 Instrumental Methods and Materials

Science Education:

  • EDTL:4750 Assessment in the STEM Classroom
  • EDTL:4751 Learning in the STEM Classroom
  • EDTL:4752 Secondary Science Methods II and Field Experience
  • EDTL:4753 Secondary Science Methods III and Field Experience
  • EDTL:4779 Secondary School Science Practicum

Social Studies Education:

  • EDTL:4811 Introduction & Practicum: Social Studies
  • EDTL:4870 Methods: Social Studies

World Language Education

  • EDTL:4406 Foreign Language Education Practicum I
  • EDTL:4407 Foreign Language Education Practicum II
  • EDTL:4410 Teaching K-12 Second Language Learners
  • EDTL:4416 Learning to Teach Second Languages I
  • EDTL:4417 Learning to Teach Second Languages II
  • EDTL:6483 Second Language Classroom Learning (grad)