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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can share/advertise on the digital signs?

Any College of Education group (department, program, office, service, center, committee, etc.) can request to have their information displayed on a digital sign. Requests from outside the College of Education are considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I make a request?

Just fill out the online request form. We'll design and post College of Education announcements for you! (Announcement submissions from outside the college should be 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, and in a .jpg format.)

What can I put on a digital sign?

Share announcements of awards, major events, deadlines, and other happy news. Guide viewers to your website for more information on programs, goals, and operations. Highlight resources, policies, and procedures unique to your area.

Where will my announcement be displayed?

Each sign serves a specific audience related to its physical location (sign locations listed below). The system is organized so that your announcement gets to the people you're trying to reach.

When will you add/remove my announcement? How long will it run?

The digital signs are intended to be a lively, ever-changing communication tool. Announcements will change on a weekly basis. In most cases, you can expect your announcement to be added within 3 business days of your request and run for approximately 7 (calendar) days.

Where are your signs located?

North Lindquist Center

  • First Floor
    • Main Entrance - Lobby
    • TLC
    • ETC Support Center
    • ITC Computer Lab
  • Second Floor
    • Entrance
    • Stairs
    • Teaching & Learning
  • Third Floor
    • Outside Jones Commons
    • Inside Jones Commons
    • Graduate Student Commons
  • Fourth Floor
    • Elevator Alcove
    • Office of the Dean

Lindquist Center (South)

  • First Floor
    • Main Entrance
    • Research Area (East Entrance)
  • Second Floor
    • Elevator
    • Outside REACH
  • Third Floor
    • Elevator
    • Outside ITP