Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thirteen pre-service teachers and several faculty members experienced everything from teaching in Thai classrooms, visiting Buddhist temples, and trekking to the top of Phu Bo Bit Mountain to learning about sustainable farming practices by helping grow and harvest rice.

These activities took place during a 15-day global education trip to Thailand over winter break with the theme “An Immersion Experience to Thai Cultures, Traditions, Education, People, and their Communities.”

This experience was part of the University of Iowa College of Education’s Global Education Initiatives, a series of opportunities to study, teach, or conduct research around the globe. The Thai experience included school visits and community excursions to gain valuable insights into another country’s educational system and culture. The students also engaged in global exchange with Thai teachers and students, building their cultural competency skills and receiving academic credit through related coursework.

Student Maria Pearson reflects on the profound impact this rare opportunity has had on her: “This trip, through teaching in schools, teaching and leading games, and communicating and developing relationships with a language barrier, has helped me to broaden my cultural awareness and strengthen my interpersonal skills – both things I will use in my future classroom.


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