2015 - 

Spring 2018

  • Haller, Anna. Gender and an All-Girls Book Club: Navigating Conversation Centered on Gender with Fifth Grade Girls. Dr. Renita Schmidt.
  • Hausmann, Neal. Incorporating Technology into Analytical Chemistry. Dr. Johna Leddy & Dr. Ted Neal.
  • Tipperreiter, Monica. Supporting Heritage Language Learners of Spanish in L2 Spanish Classrooms. Dr. Pam Wesely.
  • Vana, Morgan. An Analysis of the Conceptual Models of Subtraction Utilized in Scott Foresman enVisionmath 2.0 Second Grade Common Core Mathematics Textbook and it's Implications for Teaching Subtraction by Second Grade Teachers. Dr. Robert M. van Deusen.

Fall 2017

  • Haviland, Gilbert. Songwriting: An Exploration of Collaborative Practices. Dr. Mary Cohen
  • McElroy, Kelly. Teachers' Conceptualization of Diversity, Teaching, and Learning in a Culturally Responsive School. Dr. Jason Harshman

Spring 2017

  • Budreau, Kristen. Talented and Gifted Teaching Methods: Are Teachers Prepared to Teach Talented and Gifted? Dr. Laurie Croft.
  • Dreyer, Jennifer. Newbery Award-Winning Books and Gifted Readers. Dr. Laurie Croft.
  • Grismer, Mary. Evaluating the Degree of STEM Curriculum Incorporation in the Elementary Classroom. Dr. Mark McDermott.

Spring 2016

  • Dutcher, Cathleen Elizabeth. Study Abroad Experiences: A Comparative Study of goals and Subsequent Actions. Dr. Pamela Wesely
  • Falk, Megan. Responses to Literature Through Multiple Sign Systems: A Study of Fifth Grade Girls in an After School Book Club. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Gaskin, Kenneth. Thinking about Summer Learning Loss: A Case Study. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Leytem, Callie. Strong Girls and Gendered Reading Identities How Young girls view Female Readership. Dr. Amanda Thein
  • McGhghy, Leah. Using Critical Literacy to Create a Positive Classroom Community: Sexual Identity in the Classroom. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Schreiber, Sydney E. Analysis of Elementary Social Studies Textbooks in the 1940's and 2000's. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Wool, Tracey E. Development of a Tool to Determine the Level of STEM Integration in Instruction. Dr. Mark McDermott

Fall 2014

  • Kahan, Rachael. Evaluation of Adult Literacy Programs and Understanding Effective Strategies for Adult Learners. Dr. Carolyn Colvin

Spring 2014

  • Cassier, Ellysa. The Use of Oral History in Secondary Social Studies Classroom. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Peirson, Danielle N. Best Practices in Pedagogy: Implications of the Third Grade Common Core Langue Arts State Standards in Initiative. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Revelez, Rachel A. Positional Identity: Defining Oneself in Terms of Others. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Ritchie, Kiley D. Bullying in the Classroom. Dr. Stewart Ehly
  • Seales, Kellie. Gifted Student Perceptions on Effective Teachers. Dr. Laurie Croft

Fall 2013

  • Johnson, Rebecca, A. The Reading and Writing Analysis of a Highly Gifted Student. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Wirtz, Kristin. Dance as a Response to Literature: Incorporating Movement in the Classroom. Dr. Renita Schmidt

Spring 2013


  • Dougherty, Megan, K. Evaluation of High school Government Assignments with Bloom's Taxonomy: An Independent Study of Creativity in Assignments. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Radasevich, Julia. Common Core Standards: 7th Grade Language Arts in Illinois and Iowa. Dr. Nancy Langguth
  • Spangenberg, Ian, M. Sequential Motion: Implications of the Vertical Curriculum Structure in the Next Generation Science Model. Dr. Maureen Marron

Fall 2012

  • Jepson, Katherine. Elementary Age Music Teaching: An Exploration of Social Interaction. Dr. Mary Cohen
  • Tow, Emily. My Digital Semester: A Personal Exploration of the Aesthetic and Emotional Aspects of Technology Adoption and use in Teaching and Learning. Dr. John Achrazoglou
  • Yapias, Judi. Education in Togo, Africa. Dr. Laurie Croft

Spring 2012

  • French, Rebecca. Pre-Service Teacher Concerns: Change Through Teacher Education Program. Dr. Nancy Langguth
  • Kedzie, Michael, J. Junior. An exploration of Teaching Styles and Classroom Interactions in a Saturday Enrichment Chemistry course for Elementary Aged Gifted Students. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Marsch, Jennifer, K. Examining Remedial Reading Programs: A Self-Reflective Research Project on the Second Chance Reading Program. Dr. Amy K. E. Shoultz
  • Medvec, Katie, L. Teaching Parents of Elementary Children How to Effectively Tutor Their Children in Research-Based Constructivist Mathematics Strategies and Models. Dr. Robert van Deusen
  • Schmidt, Rose, A. From the Inside: The Songwriters' workshop at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center. Dr. Mary L. Cohen

Fall 2011

  • Campbell, Julia. Throw Up: Results from a Street Arts Case Study. Dr. Rachel Williams
  • Hogarty, Catherine. Learning about Literacy through My Own Daughter's Literacy Development. Dr. Linda Fielding 

Spring 2011

  • Bentzinger, Ryan.  Advancing teaching & Learning: Using Paper-Pencil Role-Playing Games as an Educational Tool for teachers and Students. Dr. Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
  • McCarty, Colleen.  Exploring Aspects of the Artist and Educator: A Self-Study of Establishing Balance Between Two Professions. Dr. Rachel Marie-Crane Williams

Fall 2010

  • Duncan, Emily. The Achievement Gap: Literacy Lessons Learned in a Primary Classroom. Dr. Linda Fielding

Spring 2010

  • Arduser, Jason W. Misconceptions and Differing Expectations: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Parent-Teacher Conferences with Immigrant Parents. Carolyn Colvin
  • Nelson, Rachel. Successful Inclusion Strategies for Elementary School Teachers. Dr. Dennis Harper
  • Bindi, Lisa. Meta-Analysis of Behavior Interventions in the Classroom. Youjia Hua

Fall 2009

  • Esdorn, Mary. Teacher-Student Similarity: The Role Model Gap in Education. Dr. Peter Hlebowitsh

Spring 2009

  • Franke, Jill. A Saturday Language Arts Program for Gifted Students. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Goldman, Marina. Teacher Requests for Using Academic Acceleration as an Option for Gifted Students. Dr. Maureen Marron
  • Munley, Lissa A., Writing Partnerships:Linking the Over and Under-Prepared. Bonnie Sunstein

Spring 2008

  • Gerling, Ryan. Masculinity and Intrapersonal Conservatism: The Relationship Between Social Dominance, Right Wing Authoritarianism, Male Gender Role Conflict, Psychological Entitlement and Religiosity. Dr. William Liu
  • Kotarba, Christine. The Nature of Formal Leadership in Athletes. Susannah Wood
  • Oehlerking, Ashley. Motivation within a Language Arts Classroom. Dr. Amy Shoultz

Fall 2007

  • Haseman,Valerie. Teacher-Student Interaction: A Case Study of a Saturday Program for Gifted Students in Mathematics. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Rockwell, Allison. Reflective Research: A Study of Motivation in Students at Regular High Schools and at Gymnasia in Russia. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Shreck, Sheyla. Brasil to America: Learning Across Language and Culture. Dr. Laurie Croft

Spring 2007

  • Cebrzynski, Megan Ann. Teacher and Student Perceptions about Reading Strategies Taught in the Classroom. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Moore, Susan. Examining How Autism Spectrum Disorders Affect Families and Education. Dr. John Achrazoglou
  • Reinhart, Robert. Deployment of Films in Social Studies Classes. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Tazelaar, Danielle. Teacher and Student Perceptions about Reading Strategies Taught in the Classroom. Dr. Linda Fielding

Fall 2006

  • Colton, Michelle. Percussion Instructional Methods. Dr. Dan Moore
  • Rosendahl, Todd. Helping Students Find Their Voice: Motivation and Challenges of Gay-Straight Alliance Faculty Advisors. Dr. Scott McNabb
  • Nozicka, Nicole. Selecting Language: How English Language Learners Choose which Language to use in Social Situations. Dr. Michael Everson

Spring 2006

  • Beeler, Stephanie. Two Summer Reading Programs for Students with ADHD. Dr. Alexandra Torkelson-Trout
  • Davidson, Brian. Parental Attachment and Adolescent Self-Esteem. Dr. Kathryn Gerken
  • Healy, Megan. ADHD and Reading Disabilities: Instructional Interventions that Increase Academic Success. Dr. Alexandra Torkelson-Trout
  • Heffernen, Jessica. Attitudes Towards College of Education Graduates as Future Teachers. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Krickl, John. A Case Study of The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development's Math Excursions: Geometry Program. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Lopez, HollyAnn. An Alternative Model for Identifying Underrepresented Talented and Gifted Children. Jan Warren
  • Maycan, Kristen. Student Teaching Across Disciplines. Dorathy Paul-Petersen
  • Meller, Kimberly. Reading Equality Between Boys and Girls. Dr. Gregory Hamot

Fall 2005

  • Aubert, Allison. Going to the Source: Benefits of Primary Document Use In an Advanced Placement European History Course. Dr. Bruce Fehn
  • Dohlman, Melissa. Boys and Literacy, From Home to School. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Godberson, Rebecca. Invention and Convention: Instruction and Kindergartners' Spelling. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Johansen, Lauren. International Comparison: The Importance of Learning a Second Language. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Ruff, Julie. Building Attachment, Initiative, and Self-Control in Preschool Age Children. Dr. Kathryn Gerken
  • Scieszinski, Nicole. Gifted Bilingual Students: Two Case Studies Intertwined. Dr. Megan Foley-Nicpon
  • Sprenger, Allison. Paired Texts: Broadening Teacher and Student Perspectives Through Literature Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Thompson, Megan. Bridging the Gap: Gender and Technology. Dr. John Achrazoglou
  • Titus, Katie. Adolescent Adjustment from Urban to Rural Settings. Dr. Scott McNabb
  • VanHoosier, Michelle. Struggling to Keep History: The Impact of No Child Left Behind on an Elementary School Teacher. Dr. Bruce Fehn

Spring 2004

  • Irwin, April. Preservice Teaching and Learning at the Echo Alternative High School. Dr. Rachel Williams
  • McKevitt, Meghan. Using Language As A Resource: A Case Study. Dr. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Smith, Julie. The Arts and Literacy. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Thomas, Julie. Attitudes Towards Honors Graduates As Future Teachers. Dr. Laurie Croft

Fall 2003

  • Michael, MegAnn. Young Children's Views of Writing. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Zude, Betsy. Middle School or Junior High? Meeting Students Needs with Teams. Dr. John McLure

Spring 2003

  • Arnold, Neala. Critical Literacy, Gender and The New Teacher. Dr. Cynthia Lewis

Fall 2002

  • Polhill, Erin. Multicultural Mathematics Education: A Great Opportunity to Learn. Dr. William Nibbelink
  • Russell, Johanna. Increasing Students' Self-Concepts Through the Arts. Dr. Rachel Williams

Spring 2002

  • Lewis, Michelle. Sign Language's Relationships to Social Interaction in Pre-School Aged Children. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Lynch, Tara. Alternative Multiple Instruction. Dr. William Nibbelink
  • Manescalchi, Erin. Literature in Mathematics: Lowering Students' Anxiety Levels. Dr. William Nibbelink
  • Lechtenberg, Kate. Literacy Lessons for Teachers-to-Be: Three Francophone African Students Teach Me To Watch, Listen. Dr. Doris Witt, Dr. Herbirto Godina

Spring 2001

  • Carr, Carolyn. Motivational Practices in the Elementary Classroom. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Rybak, Kelly. The Relationship Between Teacher Behaviors and Gender Inequalities in the Science Classroom. Dr. Susan A. Everett
  • Tschetter, Katherine. Family Literacy Within a Mexican American Setting. Dr. Linda G. Fielding
  • Unser, Raquel C. Impacts on Pre-Service Teachers' Thinking About Community Service-Learning. Dr. Rahima Wade
  • Wymer, Lacia. Home and School Literacy Connections Within a Second Language Setting

Spring 2000

  • Amend, Jessica. Exploring Gender Differences in the Self-Concept of Gifted 9-15 Year Olds. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Beier, Stacy. Using Conflict Resolution Techniques with Preschoolers. Dr. Richard Elardo
  • Crowe, Alisha. Why Study Latin? (view this presentation). Dr. Michael Everson
  • Farrell, Carrie. Lifelong Language Acquisition: A Case Study on Motivation. Dr. Leslie Schrier
  • Guffy, Gretchen. The Influence of Popular Media & Adolescents' Reaction to Television Commercials: A Research in Progress. Dr. Heriberto Godina
  • Martzke, Brenda. Examination of Concordant and Discordant Themes in Teacher Personalities. Dr. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • O'Connell, Timothy. Providing Rationale to Engage Students in Uninteresting (but Important) Lessons. Dr. Johnmarshall Reeve
  • Seiler, Amanda. Facing Gender Equity Issues in Education: The Demeter Project. Dr. Stewart Ehly
  • Starr, Sara. Artrooms Online Dr. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Stashuk, Corinne. Personal Connections With Complexity: Learning About and From "School Hesitant" Mothers with Children at Risk. Dr. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Williams, Teonta. Gender Bias in Education: What Goes On in Our Nation's Classrooms. Dr. Peter Hlebowitsh

Fall 1999

  • Ivory, Shannon K. Facilitation of Family Literacy into Classroom Curriculum in a Diverse Setting. Dr. Carolyn Colvin
  • Petruska, Jennifer. Darnel: An Illusion of a Student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Implementation of Behavior Modification Techniques. Dr. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Stumpf, Janna. Examination of the Differential Influence of Parental, Peer, and Self Expectations on Academic Performance. Dr. Karen Cocco

Fall 1998

  • Jurgenson, Kariann. How Textual Decisions Are Made By Junior High and High School English Teachers. James Marshall
  • Mitchell, Angie. The Discovery Of An Idiosyncratic Process and the Development of Meaning In A Student's Art Making. Dr. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Warner, Andrea. Interdependence In A Learning Community Anne Helene Skinstad Winders, Jackie Biting At Local Child Care Centers. Richard Elardo

Spring 1998

  • Kuhlmann, Amber. Critical Reading Of Multicultural Texts: Euroamerican Teachers In A Rural Setting. Cynthia Lewis
  • Shield, Cindy. Novice Teachers' Experiences with Community Service Learning Dr. Rahima Wade
  • Stambaugh, Megan J. Honors Opportunity Program: Assisting the Socialization of Children with Autism. Dr. Gary Sasso
  • Turner, Nicole. Parents' and Caregivers' Perceptions of Infant and Toddler Care. Alice Atkinson

Fall 1997

  • Gearhart, Kristen. "I think it has to be both!" A Unique Relationship Between the Home and School, Providing a Positive Learning Environment: Case Study of Ronda Kathryn Whitmore.
  • McNamara, Tracy. Parent Involvement. Stewart Ehly

Spring 1997

  • Beane, Rebecca. The Reading Interests and Habits of Early Adolescents. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Friend, Irene. High School English Teachers Talk About Their Teaching Practices. James Marshall
  • Heller, Noel. Written Project Summary: Preschool Art Making and Story Telling at a Local Head Start. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Hurd, Mary. Gender Differences in Attitudes and Attributions of Gifted Elementary Students as Related to Science Reasoning Scores. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Luper, Willene. Owens no title Don Yarbrough
  • Scheitler, Susan. Tutor Effectiveness. Cathy Roller
  • Schwade, Marcia Kay. Instructional Scaffolding: A Case Study of One Child as Learner and Teacher. Cathy Roller
  • Stange, Tammy. Teen Mothers Speak Out on Parenthood, Teenage Parent Programs and Their Futures. Jo Hendrickson
  • Voreis, Sara. Defining Portfolios: Facilitating Dialogue Among Students, Parents and Teachers. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Zaremba, Megan. Student Views On Mathematics Experiences. Rose Mary Zbieh

Fall 1996

  • Dotson, Darcie. Valuing Funds of Knowledge in School Communities. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Young, Carrie. An Opportunity For Success: Cross-age Interactions At A Summer Reading Program. Cathy Roller

Spring 1996

  • Arp, Trudy. The Scott County Academy: Evaluation of the Scott County Academy. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Blessman, Jennifer. Reaction to HOP Research. Rose Mary Zbiek
  • Doellinger, Heidi L. Gender Differences in Mathematics in Third through Sixth Grade Gifted Children.  Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Doppelt, Rachel. Postsecondary Education For Students With Mild Disabilities. Paul Retish
  • Franta, James Franklin J. What's in it for Me? A Pilot Study on the Relational Dynamics Between Youth Sport Coaches and Their Athletes. Dawn Stephens
  • Kleinfelter, Natalie. Student Beliefs In a Reform-Oriented Mathematics Classroom. Harold Schoen
  • Palmer, Kari. One Teacher's Exploration into the Literacy Learning of a Midwestern Latino Family: A Case for Educators. Carolyn Colvin
  • Tallman, Anthony S. Portfolios: Authenticating the Classroom. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Wallace, Rebecca. The Effect of Community Service - Learning on the Relationship Between Cooperating Teachers and Student Teachers. Rahima Wade
  • Wesson, Jennifer. Video Journal For a Student Teacher. Steve Thunder-McGuire

Spring 1995

  • Barton, Tina M. Religion In The Public Schools: Perspectives from an American Student Teacher in Iowa and England Scott McNabb
  • Eland, Wendy. Teachers and Service Learning. Rahima Wade
  • Feistner, Dan. Summary Of School-Based Comprehensive Services. Jo Henderickson
  • Oakland, Deborah. To Say is Not To Know: The Language Learning Strategies of Spanish Speaking Adults. Carolyn Colvin
  • Payne, Nichole. Anjanette Romancing the Inattentive Senior Honors Project. Terry McNabb
  • Rochford, Ann M. A Summary of My Involvement With the Core-Plus Mathematics Project. Harold Schoen
  • Shotola, Iynne. The Portfolios as Corrections Officer. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Thompson, Lisa. Computer Portfolios: Windows into the Mind. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Ward, Wendy K. Bilingualism, Academic Achievement and Stress: The Impact of Psychological Factors and Language Proficiency on Latino. E.G. Vazquez

Fall 1994

  • Dutton, Diane. M. no title Cathy Roller
  • Leahy, Susan. Mathematical Reasoning Strategies Used by Secondary Teachers in a Tool-Present Environment. Rose Mary Zbiek
  • Schmitt, Heidi. Portfolios: Usage In The Present Educational System. Bonnie Sunstein

Spring 1994

  • Ashton, Ann. YES! Project Evaluation Research Parent Interviews. Rahima Wade
  • Baker, Amy L. Reading and Writing in Alternative School Settings: A Field Research Report. Cathy Roller
  • Everett, Susan. no title Rahima Wade
  • Galle, Christine. The Effects of Attitudes Toward Mathematics on Test Scores. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Glenn, Melaine. West Liberty Adult Literacy Project and Workplace Literacy. Carolyn Colvin
  • Gwinnup, Donna. Literary Enrichment for At-Risk Bilingual Elementary Students. Carolyn Colvin
  • Pinkus, Susan. The World Around The Child Who Paints: Environmental and Cultural Effects on Children's Paintings in Oaxaca, Mexico. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Pritchett, C. Johnette. Problem Solving Techniques of Gifted and Talented Students. Denny St. John
  • Putnam, Kimberly. no title Rahima Wade
  • Smith, Laura. no title Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Sobaski, Amy. Core-Plus Mathematics Projects. Harold Schoen
  • Swartzendruber, Mary Jo. Research Project Summary: Adult Literacy Tutoring Program. Caroyln Colvin
  • Vavroch, Dana. What Makes a Friend? Jo Hendrickson

Fall 1993

  • Buettner, Kristen T. Written  Summary for "The Benefits of Art for Students with Disabilities." Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Cosper, Catherine. no title John McLure
  • Keech, Andrea McGann. The Seattle Project: Preliminary Research Completed for Nancy Ewald Jackson, Ph.D. Nancy Ewald-Jackson
  • Kelly, Amy J. Portfolio Information Synthesis. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Larson, Paul. College Student Reasons for Living. John Westefeld

Spring 1993

  • Madvig, Jill Caton. no title Dr. Susan Assouline / Dr. Kathryn Gerken
  • Van de Kamp, Trudy L. Social Participation at the College Level: Concerns and Outcomes. Rahima Wade
  • Van Langen, Jo Lynn. The Quality of Teacher/Student Interactions During Literature Discussions. James Marshall

Fall 1992

  • Shirley L. Heath. no title Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Suzanne Miller. no title Dr. Linda Fielding

Spring 1992

  • Nauman, Carolyn S. no title John McLure