b. 1935

Marcia Wegman lives in Iowa City. She has worked in multiple media, including intaglio printmaking (which she studied for her MFA at the University of Iowa), oil, watercolor, collage, and paper making. Her landscapes of the Midwest capture the spirit of Iowa. In addition to pastoral pastels, she also paints abstract landscapes, like this one. They convey a feeling rather than the exact details of a location. The layering of long brushstrokes fractures the landscape and rebuilds it in new and exciting ways.

Artist's Statement:
Several times a year, I put away my numerous boxes of pastels, clear off the studio table, bring all the various tubes and bottles of acrylic paint, a wide assortment of brushes and tools, various sizes of canvases up out of the basement, and spend several weeks immersed in abstract painting. This is an exciting switching of gears where I go from representational landscapes using my photo references to working entirely from my imagination and allowing the color, forms, and marks that I randomly apply to begin to guide the direction of the painting.

I think of the pastel paintings as a very outward directed journey and the abstracts an inward and more spiritual journey. With the pastel landscapes, I have a concept in mind when I begin; with the abstracts it is all a surprise with the destination unknown and the journey itself as significant as the end result. The abstracts usually end up with some suggestion of a landscape, as nature is the underlying inspiration for both ways of painting.*

*Maquoketa Art Experience, http://maquoketa-art.org/abstract-acrylic-paintings-by-marcia-wegman/

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