STEM at the College of Education

The College of Education is committed to designing, implementing, and evaluating preparation and professional development programs for teachers that improve the STEM teaching capacities of educators at all levels of schooling. 

Our goal at the College of Education is to broaden perspectives on what STEM education involves and work to support diverse ways of accomplishing the goal of improving STEM teaching and learning.

Featured STEM Projects

To improve STEM teaching and learning we want to partner with you by providing the following:

  • Information about STEM learning opportunities for students and teachers
  • Collaboration opportunities on research projects aimed at designing, implementing, and evaluating effective student learning and professional development practices in STEM
  • Training for pre-service teachers and methods courses for existing innovative and effective STEM Education practices
  • Resources for developing and sustaining STEM Education practices
  • Connections to career and post-secondary STEM options
  • Opportunities to connect with STEM-interested business and industry partners
  • Access to UI College of Education faculty expertise

STEM Coordinator

Mark McDermott
Clinical Associate Professor
Science Education Program