College of Education Conceptual Framework
TEP Conceptual Framework (infographic)

The TEP Conceptual Framework infographic describes teacher preparation as concentric circles. The College of Education's role in preparing teacher candidates appears as the center of the circle, in white. As the scope of a teacher candidate's thinking grows broader, so does the circle.

Once the College of Education determined its mission to “teach teachers how to teach,” the question became what teachers would need to know in order to be good teachers. The second circle, in black, emphasizes the centrality of InTASC standards in defining the skills needed by an in-service teacher.

Next, the tan circle reflects the conceptual building blocks of practice: theory, research, philosophy, and evidence.

Finally, the outer yellow circle represents the practices the Teacher Education Program faculty and staff would have Hawkeye Teachers carry out into the profession and community: ethical practice, leadership, reflection, collaboration, and ongoing professional learning.

While it may appear on first glance that the teacher candidate is nowhere to be found, in reality they are the whole of the logo. They are so much a part of the process that they become the process.

InTASC - State of Iowa Standards

In accordance with Chapter 79 of the Iowa Administrative Code [79.15(4)], the University of Iowa Teacher Education Program curriculum is “aligned with InTASC standards and embeds them in courses and field experiences.” The program must document that “each teacher candidate exhibits competency” in all of the professional core curricula grounded in InTASC and State of Iowa standards [IAC 79.15(5)].