Practicum refers to any early field experience in the classroom in which students progress toward the student teaching semester.  Individual practicums vary within each program area and range from 5 to over 100 hours.  General information listed below.


Orientation to Elementary Education (EDTL:3090), a course in the first semester "foundation" block has a two hour, one day a week for 10 week practicum as a component of the semester long course.  For information about the course contact Julie Heidger.  Go to the practicum biographical data form.

Elementary Math Practicum (EDTL:3174), is a prerequisite to Elementary Reading Practicum. There are two co-requisites for this course; Methods Elementary School Mathematics (EDTL: 3163) and Classroom Management (EDTL: 3170).

Elementary Reading Practicum (EDTL:3172) is completed the semester prior to student teaching. Both practicums are required for all Elementary Education students. For information about these practicums contact Kari Vogelgesang.


The University of Iowa offers nine program areas which lead to secondary licensure. There are practicums associated with each as well as variability between the required number of hours and the number of practicums.

  • Science has two practicums, the first is a component of EDTL:4751 Introduction to Science Teaching & Practicum with Early Learners. The second practicum is a corequisite of EDTL:4751 Instructional Issues in Teaching Science and the course number is EDTL:4779 Secondary School Science Practicum.
  • Art EDTL:3290 Introduction & Practicum (8 hours per week in the schools)
  • English EDTL:4314 Introduction & Practicum ( 12 hours per week, 4 mornings or afternoons per week)
  • EDTL:4418 ESL Practicum 1 (5-6 hours per week in the schools)
  • Foreign Language EDTL:4406 & EDTL:4407 FL Practicum 1 & 2 (5-6 hours per week in the schools)
  • Mathematics EDTL:3532 Introduction & Practicum (7-8 hours per week in the schools)
  • Music EDTL:3610 Introduction & Practicum (5-6 hours per week in the schools)
  • Social Studies EDTL:4811 Introduction & Practicum (9 hours per week in the schools)
  • Special Education EDTL:6906 Practicum with Exceptional Persons (9 hours per week in the schools). Please email Bobbie Bevins ( and your advisor with your plans. Follow the Field Experience Office instructions to apply.

All of the above Introduction courses have a seminar as well as a practicum component. For information contact the program coordinator or Bellinda Assemien.