Where do we get the most detailed program information?

All students are required to take an Orientation class after admission. This class includes an overview of the program, practicum, student teaching, and services provided within the college.

Who do I talk to about Secondary practicum or student teaching questions?

The faculty coordinator of your program.

Where can I student teach?

Information is discussed in elementary and secondary orientation classes. However, general options include: districts within a 50-60 mile radius of Iowa City ; Rialto , CA ; Aldine , TX ;  Chicago ; Des Moines and locations administered by The University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State ; and various International settings. There is a special approval process to be considered for these placements outside the 50-60 mile radius of campus.

Are there activities for Honor Students?

Yes, students with a 3.3 g.p.a. are invited to participate in the Honors Opportunity Program (HOP) through the Belin Blank Center.

Do I register for classes during student teaching?

Yes. The course registration is a full semester load, typically, 14-16 hours (plus fees). All coursework is related to student teaching.

When do I apply to student teach?

You will need to apply to student teach one year in advance of your planned student teaching semester. Call the Office of Student Field Experiences with questions: (319) 335-5361.

How many hours do I need available to do practicum?

It varies by program; Secondary students need to consult with their program coordinator and Elementary students with Kari Vogelgesang.

Can I student teach in a school I attended?

You cannot complete a student teaching experience in a school you attended, or in a school where you have worked, or have family. You may, however, student teach in other buildings in a district you attended, have worked, or have family.

How do I find out about Scholarship opportunities?

College of Education Scholarships and Awards

How do I find out about student teaching expectations?

Student teaching expectations can be found in the Student Teaching Handbook.                  

Who do I talk to about Elementary Student Teaching?

Director of Student Teaching & Field Experiences: julie-heidger@uiowa.edu

Where are practicum placements made?

Generally, within a 30-45 minute radius of Iowa City.

Once I've applied to student teach, can I change my request?

Placement choices may be revised until the semester prior to placement. The last date of change is 3 weeks into that semester.

Is transportation provided for practicum and/or student teaching?

Transportation is the responsibility of the student; however; students are encouraged to carpool.

When do I find out the specific of my student teaching placement?

Student teaching placement notification meetings are held during the last week of classes the semester prior to the student teaching semester.

When will I complete my student teaching experience?

The expectation is that student teaching will be completed during your final semester.

How long is my student teaching experience?

In most cases, a full semester is 15-16 weeks; however, there are programs that involve a split assignment.

Do students make their own field experience placements?

NO, placements are made by the Office of Student Field Experiences according to the protocol established by respective districts/schools.