Suspension of All Teacher Education Program Student Field Experiences for the Spring 2020 Semester

ALL student field experiences in PK-12 school settings have been suspended for students in the University of Iowa’s Teacher Education Program for the Spring 2020 semester. This includes the in-school hours for students enrolled in coursework that typically includes a measure of in-school placements as well as for student teachers. Fortunately, all of these in-school placements occur in association with a course – including student teaching, and those courses will continue with online-delivery of content adapted to current realities being faced in PK-20 education at present.

Faculty & Staff

Bellinda Assemien
Coordinator for Student Field Experiences
Julie Heidger
Director of Student Teaching and Field Experiences
Betsy Starman
Educ. Support Services Specialist
Teresa Suchomel
Student Field Experiences Associate